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Re: Want to build a custom exhaust? Read this first!

Originally Posted by BlackedOutTibby View Post
I got the ARK DT-S v2, i love it, but i need to weld in a high flow cat, i have headers and even o2sims dont get rid of the codes, keep that in mind, but its tough to find a custom exhaust shop that can do 304 stainless mandrel bent exhaust tig welded, with good quality mufflers and resonators, most shops use crush bends, so that means if you do a 2.5 inch exhaust, at the bends it tacks it down to 2 and a quarter which sucks, go with mandrel if possible.
Very true. Im lucky enough to have an extremely good shop by my house and I know the owner. They have all of the above mentioned except I haven't talked to him about what kind of welds.
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