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Project: Typhoon - Build Thread

Over-Ambitious? Maybe. But I figured this would be the best place to catalog my progress. Once it really gets rolling, I'm considering doing some YouTube videos ala MCM/B is for Build style. Not sure yet - so please don't hold me to it.

I've posted a (re)introduction in the Newbie section, as it's been quite a while since I've been around, so check it out if you have any questions.

Project: Typhoon.
Back in 05, my best friend and I both bought tiburons and went in completely different directions. I went for go, he went for show. Fast forward to today, mine is long gone, and his is no longer running just taking up space in his garage. So I bought it from him. It's definitely pretty wild looking, definitely fit his personality. However, I'll be resurrecting it entirely and making it my own.

Being that tomorrow is technically day 1, we'll start this as the Day 0. I need to get this thing out of his garage and moved to my house. He was insistent that it has a bad starter. However, I went the other day, gave it some juice for a few minutes via jumper-cables. I got some turn-over, just no start. What I think the problem is, is all the electronics that are in it. He has 3 subs, 2 amps, 2 capacitors, aux lighting, a DVD and screen head unit, mp3 storage unit and 2 TVs in the back of the headrests. (Very 2F2F) With all of that equipment trying to get their juice on startup, it really seems jumping it off another car just doesn't give it enough juice for what it's trying to accomplish. My idea is to disconnect just about everything unnecessary, and try to jump it again. (There's 4 or 5 thick cables connected to the positive terminal). I'm open to any other thoughts.

Also, a lot of that stuff will be going up for sale, along with the body kit, hood and custom headlights, so if you're interested - keep a lookout.

I'll post pictures along with the laundry list of to-do's as soon as I can, but I figured I would start the thread here to test the waters.
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