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Re: NGM reflash issue, suggestions needed. Long.

Where's your intake temp sensor at? It's location can vastly impact your AFR and Timing maps as well. I'm hoping you have it after the after cooler in the lower intake manifold? If its before the blower then that's no bueno.

Have you verified the TPS voltage sweep on that massive BBTB? It's also possible the TPS sensor isn't calibrated right or faulty telling the ECU you have more or less throttle than you really have.

Another thing I'd check is to make sure your bypass valve is working the way it should. When I got my used sniper kit the bypass valve was not properly adjusted so the butterfly was not closing or opening 100%. That can lead to weird issues as well.

Sorry, I don't think anyone is actually flashing GK ECUs anymore. The market was and is just not strong enough for people to keep doing it. Last person I heard of doing it was BTR aka BloodTypeRacing. They don't even list the Tiburon on their site anymore, but might be worth giving them a call?

Was reading up on the Safeguard and have a few questions. How can it retarding timing on individual cylinders in a wasted spark ignition system? Also it looks like its only got one knock sensor input? How can that accurately distinguish between banks?

Personally I'd feel safer relying on the stock knock detection system. The Haltech Elite utilizes both stock sensors and once the frequency and sensitivity are set up correctly its proven pretty flawless. It also will retard timing and then put it back when the knock is gone.

If you do go standalone and get a Haltech Elite I can definitely help you get it set up. Boomslang offers an adapter that makes installation a breeze and I've got several pretty damn good base maps you can use.

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