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That sounds like a really good time. That's what I had hoped to do with mine someday, hence the huge intercooler.

Found a bad TPS yesterday. Everything was fine, then suddenly it's registering around 50% throttle at cruise and over fueling like crazy. Removed the old one and some liquid seeped out of it. Driveability is better and AFRs look a little better, although not ideal. I'm going to take another look at the fuel trims tomorrow on my way home from work.

TC must have tuned it to trim like crazy in closed loop, and disabled the fault mode. I was seeing as much as +31% STFTs in places, but I never got the accompanying fault code. Also, I tried correcting it by adding a little fuel with the AFC, but the trims never change (although it gets richer). What the hell? That's why I'm afraid it can't be cleaned up.

I had the whole NGM modular crank pulley set, but my 6.5" ring is missing. Probably never see one of those again.
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