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I'll check the TPS ref voltage if it acts up again, but I'm still in good shape as of right now. I think what may have happened is some alcohol seeped down the throttle shaft into the TPS and goofed it up. It was pretty apparent what was wrong once the car started idling at 1500, my AFC showed 49% throttle at cruise, and AFRs dipped into the 10s LOL.

I never thought to look at LTFTs, but that's an idea. My guess is that TC disabled them completely. He had me test some rear O2 simulator module once, because he thought the ECU was somehow utilizing them to learn its way around the piggyback tuners in open loop. The module shorted out and blew fuses. Good times.

I'm not surprised to hear he shut off knock sensing. He had a theory that the blowers were triggering knock retard. I think that was why he got away from the Safeguards. John at J&S said there's no way this could happen. The only way to know for sure is to look at it on the dyno, I guess.

TC did other stupid stuff, like triggering the cooling fans at 170 degrees. Seriously, I don't know what he was thinking with that one. He was clearly not a tuner.

When I saw those STFT numbers, I pretty much gave up on it, but the TPS issue makes me want to take a second look and at least confirm what it's doing.

Thanks for the tip on that 6.5 ring. I don't follow any of the TN groups on FB but I'll shoot Patrick a PM. I just wanted to play around with blower speed a little and see what happens.
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