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  1. Coilovers

    Parts Wanted
    I have a set of tein edfc coilovers, electronic dampening controlled via computer in the car that can be changed on the fly, if interested pm me
  2. Coilovers

    Parts Wanted
    Still looking?
  3. WTB: Coils, intakes, anything oh my!

    Parts Wanted
    I have a turbo kit with headers, bolt on... Tein edfc electronic coilovers, Wilwood 6 piston big brake kit, with 13 inch fronts and 9 inch rears drilled and slotted with stainless lines and Wilwood fluid Pm for details
  4. FS: 2008 Tiburon v6 Turbo

    Tiburons for Sale
    As Stated above: 2008 Tiburon V6 Turbo T3/T4 turbo Ebay intercooler kit HKS BOV Ebay 6 psi wastegate/ runs 12 psi via Boost controller DC Headers 2 3/4" straight exhaust through a resonator Stage 5 Clutch Masters (Easy to Drive tho) Tein EDFC Electronic Coilovers Upgraded Front and Rear Sway...
  5. FS: V6 built internals

    Parts for Sale
    Reduced price, need rid of soon. PM for offers and questions
  6. FS: V6 built internals

    Parts for Sale
    The following parts are used:\ REDUCED!!! Asking $1500 CP Pistons (Installed on Rods) CP Wrist Pins Pauter Chrome-Moly X-beam Rods Cp Piston rings already installed and gapped for boost
  7. WTB: 02 sensors

    Parts Wanted
    are you looking for all 4
  8. WTB: Stock Maf

    Parts Wanted
    did you ever find one of these
  9. Changed timing belt today

    I4 - Naturally Aspirated
    good to see some good maintenance. Sounds like this is gonna go for a long time
  10. How long do alternators last?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I definitely wouldn't blame your accessories, i have very very similar mods electronics wise and see none of these symptoms. They just don't draw that kind of amperage. The full electrical load isn't placed on the alternator anyway. The battery and the alternator "work together" rather than...
  11. Greetings...I'm back after a 3 year break...

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Sounds like you need a thinner flywheel or something was installed incorrectly clutch wise, has the transmission already been pulled, if not it sounds like it may need to be
  12. Tiburon 08'' Fan problem

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Maybe i didnt see it in the post but did you ever have the code cleared. It may be a hard code and not go away on its own
  13. 2.7 motor build

    V6 - Forced Induction
    I got my stuff from pauter and cp, I'm selling it used if interested just pm me
  14. WTB: 2.7L Engine

    Parts Wanted
    did you find what you were looking for, I have a bored out block, pauter rods, cp pistons( already on the rods), a set of stock cams and heads. Let me know if you or anyone else is interested and I'll post pics. I am unable to right now
  15. Aem FIC 6 on V6 Turbo

    V6 - Forced Induction
    I'm running 12 psi with a 14 psi peak, do you think I need to pull timing here? I just found some information on with irt to use and 1100 worked the best for me in driveability