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  • Chezza ·
    Hey Mate

    I got my NGM Manifolds second hand from a fellow member of this forum (American). Shipping cost over $300 in itself so I was quite in debt. Honestly if you have the money or income to back you and pay off a credit card I advise jumping on a good combo manifold asap. If T.C. is going to help anyone its likely its the veterans and locals he dealt with before. He hasn't replied to any of my messages. Either way I wouldn't trust doing business with him regardless with the amount of items he owes others.

    You may actually find a new 70mm TB more difficult to find. I got sick of waiting and just brought the 60mm from k.spec. Keep in mind you won't be able to fit in a spacer if you install these manifolds. Despite what people tell you it is also a big job to install so best get a reliable mechanic who dealt with Sonata engines before.
    MartyTS ·
    Hiya G-relk,

    Good to see another Aussie on the forum. What number is your tib? I have no 7 ;)

    Northern Rivers, NSW
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