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  • roughneck65 ·
    Tried sending u a pm. I was directed to u about heads. I'm tryn to locate someone who builds or sells built heads at least stage 2. Any info would help
    latintib ·
    Hey hows it going just wondering l think l read a post you put that TC flashed your ECU for ur I>H>E setup? if l'm right what did he charge you and did you have any issues also what was the turn around time?? Any info would be great!!!
    idrivetuscani ·
    hey man...i'm having alot of trouble getting the axle free from the posted in my thread saying you unbolted the hub from the strut assembly then you moved the hub to the left and push the axle out. I dont see how there is enough room to push the axle out. What else did you remove? did you have to remove the caliper and the tie rod? did you bolt the hub from the ball joint? any tips would be appreciated man. Thanks
    illestchop ·
    hey whats up man ? i think your names mike? i met u at zets you were getting stuff from rob... he told me this was your name on newtib so i thought i msg ya! tib looks good man, you got to come out this spring with all of us (mostly genies now) but me and my buddy andrew still got the sharks lol your from mississauga?
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