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  • peg_city ·
    I heard you could help. Thanks ahead of time!

    04' Tiburon - 4C, 2L, Automatic

    After about 30 minutes of driving my Tiburon the RPMs start of act funny. This doesn't happen during the winter so I'm assuming that it has to do with the vehicle heating up.

    When the engine gets hot, the vehicle rpms will shoot up (and accelerate) and then come down. Sometimes it will come down to the point of almost stalling. However, if I give it alot of gas, this problem seems to go away. It will also accelerate a little when I'm sitting in traffic and it's hot out (which requires me to step on the brake a little more).

    After starting cold it when it has done this, the engine will Rev up and down and then eventually settle down.

    Air intake is fine (or seems to be), Throttle body is clean, I just put some fuel cleaner in it (and have done so numerous times, and I have used Seafoam.

    The mechanic(s) says nothing is showing up when they plug it in.

    Please help, Thanks.
    MeccaMan ·
    i posted a new forum about my turbo piping,sorry i nvr got back to you off the last forum,but hopefully what i posted sums up what i need
    Razz ·
    lol nah man. i actually crashed the tib so its been a hold until now. I got everything back in order so i'll be tackling the header thing when i have time.
    Razz ·
    that would be great if you did. i ordered my headers last week and should be in sometime this week, maybe Wednesday. How these ebay headers usually go, its a batch thing, all the ones fabricated this month are going to have the same general issues.
    Razz ·
    any fitment issues on the header? specially the tube closer to the alternator. did you have to do the dent for it to fit?
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