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  • BattleChaser ·
    Hello Capt.

    I don't know if you can help me with this, but if not any info or referrals would be greatly appreciated.

    Two things,
    1. For some reason I can't post anymore pictures. No matter the size, or extension (jpg, bmp, etc...). My "attachments" limit is only at a 1/3 of allowance. It always says "invalid file".

    2. My signature on all my posts has changed size. I haven't changed anything on it recently, but everytime I post now, my signature has a large blank space below the text.

    Thank you,
    Regina ·
    LOL. The time is now! The north has taken over! I need to go see that. Sold out here for the next week.
    Bloodshock3r ·
    with all due respect i have never had anything "spoon fed" to me since i was in dipers, i have done hundreds of hrs on the web serching for different things and seem to never ever find a thing, and also ill state one for face, i do live in a rich neaborhood but i grew up poor as dog crap..well thats a little dermatic but u get the point

    this car was made with my blood and sweat from my own body banging work.
    idk about anyone on here some may have been spoon fed there whole life and some have earned there place like me

    the only things i have ever found that was made at the time were
    lower comp pistons from CP
    forged rods from idk the name of the company
    and a hand full of different things that have been discontinued

    im glad i didnt get off the computer when i posted that i was hoping for a little guidance on were to look

    is there a link to the rules for the form it self ied like to read threw the whole thing please
    BattleChaser ·
    It works like a charm. Thank you for your help with this, I really appreciate your help and your work in this forum. Keep the awesome work and attitude, looking forward to contribute with everything I can. Many thanks.

    Jawz13 ·
    hey do you kno what happened to my comment on nate_dogg501's question? i put a lot of time into that and it disappeared
    MikeTib ·
    lol i do, ride is still stiff...but my inspiration is that on youtube i saw that most supercars are extremely stiff rides so for now ill stick with what i have haha
    MikeTib ·
    LOL dude you werent kidding about those racelands being tough on pot passanger wasnt very happy haha but fun cornering
    ViCiouS_TiBuroN ·
    her name's India Reynolds. have had it on there since trolling kids as a female NT member lol. (yes, Regina is not the only sexually confused person on here)
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