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  • Lycan004 ·
    I'm Steve, i might get the hana bumper here soon, saw that u have it and was hoping you would answer a few questions: Where did u get the hana bumper from(if not from and what Exactly came with it?
    WMFP ·
    Ok man heres the deal, I serched and serched and cannot find an answer to my question. However I know you will not only have the answer but a good one. I just bought some subs and amp 2 12in JBLS and a 1000W sony xplode. Was going to have it installed but have decided since I have to buy the wires which are gonna be somewhat costly, and I am a pretty tech savey guy id hook it up myself.

    Im on stock headunit, Infinity, so im using the high level imput to tap into my factory sub in the back.

    I got everything covered except the REM. I dont know how to hook that up or where to hook it up. I want to have a switch/dial/something to turn my amp on and off with but how do I do this. Thanks for the help I only wish I had advice to give you in return ha.
    Rizz07gs ·
    yo dude, i took out my head unit cut the blue and white cord that said "amp tuner" and capped the wires.
    worked like a charm.
    thanks so much man i appreciate it
    aSEVENFOLD73 ·
    yo dude, ha i dunno if you remember me or not. i was the guy you helped out a little bit with lookin for a new head unit. im gonna be buying one within the next month, you think you could maybe help me hunt a perfect one down? let me know ha, thanks bro
    blaze2100 ·
    Damn lol. I want the metallic set so retarded bad but I don't want to spend like 200 on that crap. Lol I don't have a place to be able to paint my own stuff. No driveway or garage or anything. Id have to camp out at my friends house for that. Too much of a hassle.
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