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  • demomoss ·
    It isn't the wheel bearings, I changed mine and it was exactly the same. I can't explain why, but they are just rough on tires. When I upgraded to Toyo Proxies, all was well!
    Jrozz ·
    Hey man!

    Wanted to pick your brain for a sec,

    So I just put my winter tires on and my car is soooo stinking loud now! The cabin drone is ridiculous! It's always been loud and I knew that tibs kinda had that problem but man this sucks! I was wondering if you have delt with this and if so what did you do? Are there any sound deadening tricks I can do? Hushmats?
    showtibgt ·
    hey im pretty sure i wana use a liquid gauge on my fuel rail what size fittings would you recomend and what pressure range should the gauge run to sorry im dumb when it comes to this kind of thing and i wana make sure it looks right and not over sized
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