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  • Black_08SE ·
    Hello, I want to change my username. I dont want to just sign up as a new member with a new username if there is another method or proper manners to follow. Can you let me know?
    mbarton ·
    please could you give me the pricing for a sponsorship ? please pm me would likt to support the fourm the right way .
    The_Hammer ·
    Just a quick question for ya I dont have 100 posts to get a for sale thread going and dont want to clutter up the site trying to do this in one day , I was hoping an admin might do me the favor of letting me sell off my performance stuff before i sell my Tib this site has been very good to me and i hoped to let some of these guys get my parts.
    I have been on here daily for the last 2 years but mostly stayed in the Edmonton thread if you can help that would be great.
    skywalker09 ·
    Hello! I was wondering how much it is for a full sponsorship and how much for a mini? I'm going to start selling cf parts again! Thanks allot and have a great day!
    Tuscani23 ·
    hi Sr i want to now if you can enable to post in the parts for sale i dont have 100 post i am a frecuent visitor but i dont post to much an i have many performance parts that could interest all tibbs owner thanks
    Pay8ack ·
    You kick *** man! I can't possibly tell you how much money I saved by joining NT! Where I live theres like a million broken down and wrecked tibs in need of help. I've been trying to put the word out there for all owners to behold. Keep up the good work bro!
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