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British Racing Green
I bought this car on September 8, 2012. I was wanting a Miata for a long time. One day, I drove to a local dealership (the one I bought my Elantra from) and tried to get some idea of what it would cost to get a Miata. Unfortunately, because the ones I could afford were so old, my salesperson (who I have bought two cars from), said it was too risky for them to go out search for a Miata for me to buy.

I was disappointed, but as I was driving down the same road, I passed by a small car dealership. At the very front of the lot, I spotted a Mazda Miata. I thought I read a price of $5,000. It turns out that the price was $2,400.00. I thought the price was fair so I didn't even try to haggle.

I really enjoyed this car, it was completely stock. At the end of 2013, however, the engine threw a rod. Instead of getting a new Miata, I elected to upgrade the engine in the car from the '91 1.6L 115 HP (at the crank) engine to a 1.8L 140 HP (at the crank) engine. In a 2,200 pound car, this makes a BIG difference. A while after having the engine swapped, the cat convert went bad. I replaced it with a magnaflow high-flow cat converter.

Ever since the engine was swapped in (and the expected bugs were worked out), this car has been very reliable. After I finish modifying my Elantra, I plan to start on this car. You can expect it to get an upgraded suspension, a light-weight flywheel, a stage one clutch, upgraded brakes, and a Shanghai turbo charger in the future (from BEGI's website).
1991 Mazda Miata (British Racing Green)


'99 1.8L engine swap, Magnaflow High Flow Cat Converter
Robbins' Cloth Top
after market cd player (it came with the car, I have no idea what model it is)



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