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Flat black
Fully customed
Oil pump went out so just rebuilt from a short block
2003 Hyundai Tuscani (Flat black)


Rebuilt the engine from the short block after the oil pump went out and seized on me. Racing headers while the engine was out of the vehicle, port and polished upper and lower intake manifold, slave cylinder mod. Racing cams DC exhaust and sway bar links alot, and everything is literally new
Led in cup holder goes to the music, leds in vents, blue and white custom gauges, modified the rev limiter and removed the governor via hi scan pro from dealership and now use an emulator an FYI chipped obd2 to use meant for a triumph motorcycle to utilize tge 7th pin k line. 150mph+ and still have room to play with as far as Roms go. NRG steering wheel and hub. White on black custom painted interior. Not sure what else goes here
Angel eyes, demon eyes, shaved door handles, removed rear door lock for trunk/replaced with back up camera
I have a gps Google maps tracker installed that gives live time update and GPS Google map link location of vehicle by simple text and can set alarms or listen live or shuts car down if u go out a certain perimeter before texting it first, good luck getting in with no handles but even if you could. I atleast don't have to wait for Cho to let me know they found my car after your done with it. We are on our way. I have a fully hacked Wii installed under the passenger seat, not to play Wii bowling, but I have every nes SNES Sega GameCube n64 gameboy Wii game and PlayStation, yes Sony Playstation game ever made built into a HDD and is just a white box that fits underneath the passenger seat. The Wii remotes are Bluetooth so they respond to the led in the vent and DJ hero is always fun with a system and Mike Tyson's punch out is a classic but the reason I did it was for my daughter because the cup holders light up to the music and only light up her water bottle or juice and also on the same HDD is every Disney movie from 1958 - 2008. I took the stock plate that mounted the stock amp and made an exact copy of it but in reverse so we're the stock amp goes is a perfect fit for. A jl audio mono block that goes to the shallow mount in the stock enclosure and the other side fits a kicker 4 channel so you lose that cubby hole but you never see any wiring. Fucking beautiful and by the time you find that. Me and chp will have found you. Underneath the the rubber pad in front of the gear shift I cu out and out a Qi charger so your phone and Wii remotes charge when you set them down
Meghan racing lowering springs



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