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Venture Royale
Alluvial Gold
Royale trim package.
This bike came to me in 2014. It was a mess. It's still a mess. Didn't even get it on the road last year due to all the crap that needs done to it. Most of it is little things, but I have plans for it. Lady will ride again. I have a laundry list for early spring, but she'll ride again and better than ever.

So far what I've completed on it: New brake pads, valve adjustment (not for the faint of heart) stator connector hardwire. Among the majors left to do: Finish coolant flush (had to drain the radiator and pop it off to get to the front cylinder bank for valve adjustment, draining the block is a whole different animal!) Rebuild rear brake master cylinder, rebuild rear wheel hub (long story short, one wheel bearing went, welded inner race to the axle and outer race into the wheel. Took a shop press to get it all out, and it all came out in pieces. UGH!), do some re-wiring, line fuel tank. Fairing is crumbling piece by piece. I'd love to put together a custom tweaked aluminium fairing for it and do a full repaint... at some point.
1983 Yamaha Venture Royale (Alluvial Gold)


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