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This is the story of ............ After saving money for a year I started to look for a new vehicle that fit my personality and went to the web for the deals. After searching for awhile ..... Ebay became my best friend. I found a Midnight Blue 2003 Tiburon GT with Black leather interior that already had over half the aftermarket upgrades I was going purchase and install myself, 18x8 chrome Casino Racing Rims, 1.5" Wheel Spacers, Break Calipers Painted Red, and only had roughly 46000 miles. But there was one particular reason I had to have this Tiburon, SC5 Body kit Installed perfectly. After driving with a friend for over 5 hours to New Jersey I met ................ for the first time. Tax, Tags, Title, blah blah blah and I was on my way home. Next day DMV and 3 hours later she was all mine and the first vehicle I purchased with my hard earned money. This happiness lasted for about a year until tragedy struck. One late night I was on my way home from working when a Red Pontiac G8 pulled up next to me at a light and taunted me, I knew he would win but I figured so long as I got him off the line I would have been satisfied, light turns green I get the jump on him and he got stuck behind the only other car on this half mile straight so I started to back off and I see him switch lanes in the mirror and he was coming up fast so I went to switch lanes so he could pass and when I did he switched at the same time and I tried to quickly switch back but not fast enough. He clipped my bumper putting me into a spin at about 60mph causing me to go perfectly backward over a 6" curb and through a Cattle fence with galvanized square wire and 8" round post. HE RAN....... I immediately called the police and while waiting the car that we had passed stopped to help and because of this helpful woman she kept me out of a lot of trouble because she witnessed everything and vouched for what happened. Needless to say the other driver wasn't found and I was left with a wrecked car. After having the vehicle towed to my house I thought I could fix it but I WAS WRONG, when the vehicle hit the wire it pulled the side of the car towards the post and crushed the drivers side in. So I came up with a solution and purchased a 2005 Tiburon GS Auto that ran and drove with a rebuilt Transmission for $800, bought it in New Jersey lol put it on a trailer and took it home. Now this is where it gets interesting. I stripped both cars down and swapped almost everything (engine, trans, harnesses, computers, ABS(just the module not the lines) , engine cradle, interior, and etc.) from the 2003 and put it into the 2005 body and purchased some goodies along the way. I ran into a few problems which ended up putting this project on hold until July 2014. I'm now almost finished with the build and am getting ready for paint after I finish the body kit and have all my wires ran. To Be Continued....
2005 Hyundai Tiburon (TBD-Black)


Engine powder coated blue
All new engine gaskets
NGK Iridium Plugs
Blue NGK wires
Borla Exhaust

Stage 3 sniper (in the works)
(4) Led million color tubes
Dash Trim kit (not installed)
SC5 Body kit (almost finished)
Led million color(wheel wells, underbody, and fender flares :)
Window tint (not Installed)
Clarion 7" Flip-up(will be upgrading soon with double-din gps)
Premium Infinity Package
Led million color Underglow 8" tubes dash and rear seats
Split Rearview camera/gps

SoloX 18 woofer (not installed)
Custom Ported Box (not installed
Planet Audio BB2400 (not Installed)
Dynamat (Not Installed)
Slotted and drilled rotors
Stagg struts and springs
Moog stabilizer links
Ceramic Brake Pads
Jdm front strut bar
Dc rear strut bar
Red Calipers
Poly Bushings(Not Installed)
Wheel and Tire
Stock TBD


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