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Ebony Black
Hyundai and their cars have been a big part of our family's life. Ever since My sister's first car, a X2 Excel, Hyundai cars have been with us the whole time. My first was a Getz, which served me through some of the roughest years of my life. Ever since i heard about this "Sportscar" that Hyundai built, the Tiburon, i've always wanted to own one. So, in 2014, I decided to bite the bullet and throw down on a 2005 V6 GT Tiburon, in Ebony Black, with 120k Kilometers on the clock, and named it Mako, after the one of the fastest Shark species.

The car was owned by a woman previously... Most likely a hairdresser. I could tell, there was bobbypins and tampon wrappers everywhere. After a good cleanout, and a good service, I soon began to love this really quirky little car. Hours spent researching all the mods that were possible on these cars, lead into thousands draining out of my wallet. First a CAI, purchased from a forum member here, Then a Strut Brace and Exhaust, and more recently, some Veloster Turbo wheels and a NGM Stage IV intake Manifold. Cams, Headers, Coilovers, a thicker rear swaybar and further bracing are on the horizon.

Although many car fans would agree that the Tiburon isn't the best car, As I do, it's got quite an interesting story, people dig it, and it's different without being too outlandish that it's impossible to live with. All in all, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I mean, i've sworn at it too much. They're also kinda rare here in Australia.

So, the goal with this car? OEM+ looks, with street stance appearance. The interior, exterior and even so much as the engine, is going to appear as stock as possible. Bar the bracing and such. Even so much as going with OEM wheels as opposed to buying XXRs. Despite the fact that I'm a college student, I also plan on using the best quality parts possible. Proof that just because you're studying, doesn't you don't need to cheap out on stuff. Doing things "Half Assed", is not the way I do things.
2005 Hyundai Tiburon (Ebony Black)


- Fujita Cold-Air intake system
- NGM Stage IV Intake Manifold
- Injen Super SES Exhaust system
- RPW Headers (Coming soon)
- Stage 1 Crower Cams (Coming Soon)
- Fidanza Cam Gears (Coming Soon)
- SFR IHE/Cam reflash (Coming soon)
- APEXi Neo SFC (Coming soon)

HP Goal? Around 200. That's all I need.
- Interior is stock as a rock. It's staying that way.
- Okay i lied. LED Interior globes and footwell lamps.
- KDM Chrome door handles
- "Pikachu" Rear bumper (They come stock with those here in Australia.)
- Custom Painted badges (Scott Staziwaz, thanks man!)
- A heck of a lot of Polishing and detailing.
- Pioneer MX366BT Head unit, stock speakers.
- In-dash 2DIN Android Head unit with DVR (Coming soon)
- Rear seat DVD headrests with custom-made 3D Printed surrounds (Designing as we speak)
- Whiteline suspensions Front Strut Brace
- Luxon Racing 4-point rear strut brace (Coming soon)
- Luxon Racing floor brace (Coming soon)
- RPW Custom Swaybars (Coming soon)
- D2 coilovers (Coming soon)
Wheel and Tire
- Veloster turbo Wheels, 18x7.5 +52 (Currently undergoing Restoration) with Hankook Ventus2 Tires, 215/40R18
- Eight Prince +20mm Hubcentric spacers all around (coming soon)


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