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Tiburon 2.0 GLS
Redfire Pearl
Since I sold my quickly failing 1992 Honda Prelude, I was looking for a replacement mid-range, affordability sporty coupe. My choice was the 1999 Honda Prelude at the time. But I kept getting issues with those that were in the market, and it really pushed my price range pretty hard when you included repairs.
I started looking for other cars, like the RX-7 (waaay too expensive), RX-8 (rare to get a affordable one in my price range), and then eventually turned to the only other car that ever caught my eyes on the road : the Tiburon.

I disliked the old Tiburon's look (as it resembled the Elantra too much), but then found out that there was a much newer one (albeit, rarer, here in SA anyway). So I looked further, and decided the newer the better (when I consider previous experience with my old Prelude and its problems). I lucked out when I found one for sale for a decent price at a Ford second-hand dealer. 2009 it was advertised, and it only had 95000kms on it. And it had a brilliant dark-red paint colour.

I went to look at it, and was impressed. Interior I came to love eventually (the top part of the centre console isn't the prettiest.).
It was manual, and from various opinions I was told that second-hand auto-Tiburons sometimes gave trouble.

Lo and behold, I decided to buy it. I've had it almost 6 months now, and it only has two problems that I need to sort out, then it'll run smoothly. Later, when I have money again (!) I will start looking at customizing, and also maybe try my hand at some performance enchancements.

It isn't the fastest (its actually the 2.0 GLS model, so no V6), but it makes up for it with pretty good fuel economy and it looks awesome.
2008 Hyundai Tiburon 2.0 GLS (Redfire Pearl)



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