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Tiburon GT
Tidal Wave Blue
Just a run-of-the-mill 5spd GT V6.
Extensive! This car has been all over the place, hit & run - rebuilt, blown engine - replaced, extensive electrical issues - diagnosed! That said, I do enjoy it and even though I've only done pretty minimal things to it in terms of modification, I do have plans to make it a fun, twisty-road conquering weekend car.
2004 Hyundai Tiburon GT (Tidal Wave Blue)


1) Fidanza flyyyyyyy, yo.
2) Generique Cold Air Intake, for the vacuum cleaner sound.
3) Lots and lots of engine paint to make it look less horrible to my eyes.
4) Ground wirez yo - I do not like that they're purple, btw.
5) Redoing all dat split-flex in blue for the max obnoxiousness.

When I'm done with this stuff here, the split-flex will all be blue-wrapped, I will have replaced the ugly purple ground wires with ugly blue ground wires, I think the engine will stay gold but I'm not sure yet. I put a polished CAI in, and will probably go ahead and polish the fuel rails and put in a polished radiator too. And I'm going to get another set of the pseudo-stainless valve cover inserts from Acryllic Conceptions eventually too.
Again, not a lot here:

1) All of the silvery bits that KDM Tuscanis get except the vent surrounds
2) Multi-multi-multigauge
3) Interior light color match JVC headunit
4) Leather e-brake boot
Not too much, buuuut:

1) Shaved hood + debadge
2) Rear wiper delete
3) Open side gills/vents
4) Redout tails
5) ARK shorty antenna
6) F/L headlights
7) HIDs, high-output halogens, and related nonsense
8) The proverbial Tuscani tailgate badge
My car doesn't have any left. I needs new shocks.
Wheel and Tire
XG350 BBK in the works - it's going to be painted gloss yellow, and if I don't like that, it might get painted the same metallic gold I painted the engine.

Summer rubber!



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