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General Information

Metallic Grey(Getting back from paint Monday)1
GT V6 5-Speed Manual
[My First Car]
(Before I bought it) 1 Accident, T-Boned, Door has Slight Paint chip

Bought on February 1st, 2019

Cleaned MAF 2/2/19
Fixed Lock 2/5/19
Stripped interior and cleaned (seats/plastic trim) 2/6/19
Put Interior back Together 2/8/19
New Manifold to Exhaust Bolts+Gaskets 2/17/19
Oil Change 2/18/19
Coolant topped off 2/18/19
New Window Wipers 2/20/19
New Hatch Lifters 3/13/19
New Hood Lifters 3/13/19
New Light Bulb 3/13/19
Clutch Adjustment 3/25/18
Brakes fluid change 3/28/19
Clutch Hydro Fluid Change 3/28/19
OEM Exterior Door Handel *black* 3/29/19
OEM Interior Handle+Catch Grip 3/29/19
Trans Fluid Change 4/1/19
New OEM Fuel Door 4/14/19
New OEM Door Catches 4/14/19
New OEM Outside door Grip 4/14/19
New OEM Sun Visors 4/14/19
New Window Motor 6/15/19
New OEM Inside Door Grip 6/15/19
Engine Light for MAF 6/21/19
Fixed Engine Light 6/22/19 Same issue fixed on 2/2/19 (Might need a new air filter)
Cleaned Engine Hoes 6/22/19
Spec-R Body kit Bought 6/24/19
Alignment 7/8/19 (Fixed steering Wheel Alignment but is 1 click off)
Spec-R Body Kit Arrived 7/12/19
Interior Trim Restored 7/14/19
Tint Removed 7/14/19
Cleaned Engine Bay 7/15/19
Oil Change 7/16/19 (1.0 Quarts Low)
Coolant Filled 7/16/19
Tires Rotated 7/17/19
Tires Balanced 7/17/19
Replaced air filter (FRAM Extra Guard): CA9392 7/18/19
Engine Covers Detailed 7/18/19
Cleaned inside Rear fender 7/23/19
Renewed exhaust Tips 7/26/19
Quick Waxed Exterior and Added Tire Wet 7/26/19
Replaced Front Brakes (Max Brakes Ceramic Carbon Pads with Max Brake Slotted and Drilled Rotors) 8/3/19
Replaced Rear Brakes (Max Brakes Ceramic Carbon Pads with Max Brake Slotted and Drilled Rotors) 8/4/19
Rear Wing Delete 8/25/19
New Wheels And Tires (Discount Tire) 9/9/19
Sent Car in For Black metallic Paint (Maaco) 9/16/19
Got Car back from Macco 9/23/19
Outside Plastics Restored 9/30/19
Restored Headlight 10/8/19
New Battery (Interstate Replacement) 10/14/19

Crashed the Tib 10/20/19 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Disassembled Front end 11/11/19-11/23/19
Used Rear Bumper 2005 11/23/19
Rebuilt Passenger Side with 2005 Tib Knee Assembly (Strut,Knuckle,Tie Rod;inner+outer, Hub, Axel) 11/28/19

New D+P Outer Tie rods + Sway Bar Endlinks (Detroit Axle) /27/20
New D+P Front Lower control Arms (Delphi Technologies) 2/8/20
New Rack and Pinion (Detroit Axle) 2/16/20
Used Lower Radiator Support (Held By Set Screws) 3/16/20

Alignment + Steering Wheel Adjustments(Uncle Dan's Tire Center) 3/17/20
Used Front Bumper 2003 5/5/20

Paint Chips and Bumpers Repainted 5/7/20
Picked Up Car From Paint (Maaco) 5/13/20
Interior LED Light 5/16/20
Senpai Squad (BAD DRIVERS CLUB) Window Sticker 5/18/20
New NGK Platinum Spark Plugs (0.043) 5/24/20
New DENSO Plug Wires (7mm) 5/24/20
New Duralast PCV Valve 5/24/20
Polished Intake Manifold 5/24/20
New OEM E-brake Lines 5/24/20

OverHeating Problem Started ~~~~~~5/25/20 ~60+F -- 190F
New Duralast Engine Coolant Temp Sensor 5/28/20
Checked For Head GAsket Leak w/ Block Tester (Passed) 5/28/20
Replaced Radiator Cap w/ Old Radiator Cap 5/28/20
Coolant topped off 5/28/20
OverHeating Problem Fixed ~~~~~~5/28/20 ~200F
2004 Hyundai Tiburon (Metallic Grey(Getting back from paint Monday))


A very reliable 2.7 L Delta G6BA DOHC V6

-battery issues (Fixed-Oct,14th,2019) Interstate Battery 750CCA/130RC

The compression ratio of this engine is 10.0 to 1.0. The engine is rated for 170 horsepower at 6,000 RPM and 181 foot-pounds of torque at 4,000 RPM. (
-New OEM Door Trim
-Restored Trim
-HOONIGAN Sticker applied on the passenger side
Rear Wing Delete (if anyone wants to know what clips I used to cover holes let me know)
Metallic Black (will update pictures this Monday once I get it back from paint)
Someone installed Subs. Sadly, they took them out and left me with a mess of big Blue wires. Also an Aftermarket Stereo (iDA-X100) with USB, BlueTooth(not included -_-), Aux, and Fm/Am Radio. I plan to get something not so scratched up and maybe takes up a little more room with a touch screen.

Touchscreen Radio which show gauges for like boost/RMP/Speed/Temp.
kenwood dmx7705s
kenwood ddx6706s
Stock Head lights, No Fog Lights, Groove Interior Light Kit
Stock, P Side Strut is from 2005 Tib
Wheel and Tire
Konig Control (Matt Black)
Rim Size: 17 x 7
Bolt Pattern: 5-105.00-144.3/4.5"
Offset: 40mm
Hub Bore Size: 73.1 mm
Weight: 20.5lbs

Pirrelli Cinturato Strada Sport AS (Discount Tire)
Wheel Diameter: 17in
Width: 215
Overall Diameter 24.65
Weight: 19lbs



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