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03 tiburon gt v6

  1. Trouble with radio!

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    Radio wont turn, just the radio nothing crazy like the dash or stuff like that and i cant fix my clock either. Its the A10 audio fuse all the way on the bottom right of the inside panel i need to replace right? I have a 03 Tiburon GT auto. And what color is the fuse? Like a blueish turqouise...
  2. Speed Sensor Problems

    Tiburon General Discussion
    03 tiburon gt 2.7L V6 Ok, it all started one night driving and my speedometer got real jittery then all of a sudden went out. Also my odometer stopped tracking mileage, my gas gauge stop being reliable, and my cruise control stopped working. I understand these are all signs of a bad output...
  3. 03 Tiburon GT V6 center dash/console light

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hi, before i start i must say this forum rocks, you guys rock, and the car rocks! :3_nosthum Now, i have some issues with the light on some knobs/buttons. i recorded a clip (sorry about the quality...) the rear defroster button light is faint, also the cold/hot knob light is feint. The air flow...