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  1. Free Local Pickup - 16" OEM Wheels/Tires from a 2003

    North East USA
    Hi all, my 2003 Tiburon GT is gone and I have the stock 16" OEM wheels/tires sitting in my garage and I want to get rid of them. I don't remember how new/old they are, but they were barely used before I got an aftermarket sets on my Tib. I had to used 1 of the 4 when I got a flat last year but...
  2. 16 inch rims

    Wheel, Tire, & Suspension
    I have an 03 red tibby with the oem 16" rims and I'm thinking of painting them. Does anyone have any good ideas. Post some pictures too please
  3. Stock 16" Wheels with 15mm spacers

    Wheel, Tire, & Suspension
    I cant find a straight answer for this one, but I have an 03 tib with stock 16" rims (type A wheel). The rear wheels sit in quite far and I want to put some adapters in to push them out. I am not looking to get it flush with the fender or make it look really aggressive, I just don't like the how...
  4. FS: Stock '07-'08 16" wheels

    Parts for Sale
    Hey guys! I am selling my stock set of GS (16") wheels since I bought another set. I would like to do it locally but if anyone is interested in paying for shipping I am open. They are in perfect condition, no scratches (only a small thing). They actually come with tires (summer tires, good for...
  5. FS: Stock Wheels

    Parts for Sale
    I have a set of 16's and a set of 17's. Currently on 18's (thanks Brian!), and I need room in my garage, so these have got to go. 16s: No curb rash, only one scuff, and tires in very good condition. I have the 16's: with Michelin Energy mxv4's. Click through for larger images. Asking $250...