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  1. Im Midnight, the name will make sense in a few months

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Forum, I found a lot of good information here and joined today because I just bought my old middle school dream car. The Tiburon. I've got big plans for the stubborn ***** (She has 193,000 miles) but it's ok, we're going to fix that. Im currently a 22 year old mechanic for Goodyear Tires...
  2. Timing Belt

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I was wondering where to find a timing belt kit for a 2007 Tiburon 2.0. I need to get it done soon and was looking in the forums, but unfortunately most of the links to timing belt kits have been deleted. I was looking at a Gates kit on amazon, but I am not sure if it is the right kit/...
  3. Sobiech's Tiburon '04 2.0 | Europe / PL

    Member Profiles
    Sobiech's Black Tiburon '04 2.0 | Europe / PL | 18", custom HL, pic heavy : ) Let me introduce you my "black Aston" ;) It's 2.0 litre i4 with 35k mileage right now. I own it since december 2013 but earlier it belonged to my brother who imported the Tib from California in 2007. Who knows -...
  4. Tiburon 97-08 Service Manuals Direct Links!~!

    Hyundai Tech
    I hope this serves you well newtiburon forum!~! :coolnug:
  5. FRS/BRZ... yes please

    Other Cars
    ^ the comparison.. ive decided im totally in love with the FRS. if anything i think its a huge step up from the tib, but still pretty similar.. no not in weight/power/looks.. but you know... what do you guys think? just totally love it..
  6. FS: 03/05 GT/GS Partout 46720k

    Parts for Sale
    Hey everyone im selling the leftover parts I have from a recent build/wreck. Ive tried to best describe all of the parts most of them are in good if not great condition. The pictures are in order with the list of items. Private message me if your interested or have any questions. If you want to...
  7. Need Advice on I4 Tib Exhausts

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I know the Title is very vague, but this is more a general question. Please forgive me for creating another thread added to the pre-existing 100+ threads about exhausts out there. I'm just hoping for more "up-to-date" and specific answers. Mainly, Where can I purchase the Bastuck Exhaust? I've...
  8. best turbo set up?

    I4 - Forced Induction
    i am the new owner of a 97 tiburon 2.0, 5 speed. planning on turbo. before i start, yes i have searched this for hours, yes, i have a sumwhat idea of what i want to do no, i dont have experience in this and i want to do it right from the start, regardless of money.( to a point) going to have...
  9. Tech Racing CAI (Pictures)

    I4 - Naturally Aspirated
    Hey all, just installed my Tech Racing (purchased from ebay) cold air intake. Ive never installed a cai before, just a SRI into a previous vehicle of mine. Very easy to install. Just takes common sense. Any how, i didnt see too many pictures of how others fit there CAI in so i decided to take...
  10. Motoria Exhaust Clip On My I4 Tib.

    I4 - Naturally Aspirated
    alright so i just got done installing the Motoria Cat-back on my tib last night... here's the clip i think it sounds ohh so sexy Drive By #1 Drive By #2 sorry for the shaky camera, my lil brother was recording, well at least u got the sound right? lol Sound Clip of cat back with...
  11. Thinking about Turbo for I4... any advice?

    I4 - Forced Induction
    So... I am newly into getting boost for my '08 Tib I4 2.0. I was wondering what would be a good product to get, or how to get started in the transformation of the vehicle. I currently have a Fuijita CAI and an Arc Catback exhaust system. I was pricing the turbo packages from seofulracing...