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  1. My name's Jon, and I need help, PLEASE

    New Member Introductions
    Name's Jon, pleasure to make your acquaintance. I have a 2005 Tib GT V6 that I need to replace the clutch in. The only problem being, I've never replaced a clutch before, but I'm no newbie to a wrench. I can figure what parts to get or which kit, but that minor detail still stands and though I...
  2. TS Interior

    TS Interior

    I wasn't a fan of the Tiburon interiors as they seemed really bubbly. Specifically with the aircon dials. But the climate control module and my full leather (not half) seats sold me on the car
  3. 05 Ts

    05 Ts

    My Orange Crush. No 22/80
  4. What are these 2 plugs above my clutch pedal?

    V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    I have two white plugs attached to under the dash, above the clutch pedal and wired in towards the ecu somewhere and I have no clue what they are for. The engine diagnostic port is in the fusebox so idk what they could be. Any help would be dope, cheers I have a 05 6sp 2.7l TS edition from...
  5. Can I use either P205/55 R16 or 215/45 R17 tires for my 2005 GT V6?

    Wheel, Tire, & Suspension
    I am trying to purchase new tires for my 2005 GT V6 and I am having trouble figuring out which tires I should purchase. The current tires say 215/45ZR17 which were installed by a mechanic a while back. I put my cars info on Costco, Goodyear, and Michelin's website and they all recommend P205/55...
  6. New 2005 GT Owner-Front end smashed

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all! I am the proud owner of a "new" 2005 Tiburon Gt and a new member! Unfortunately, the front bumper cover, Radiator, condenser, and Bumper Reinforcement are destroyed. All due to being backed into. If any of you have any stories or photos from your past rebuild please share them. I am...
  7. Air Leak? Intake?

    V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    Im sorry I dont have the codes on me atm, but for about a year or more Ive been having a strange problem where my CEL would come on and when getting it checked it would be an air I have changed the MAF and have cleaned it and even changed the filter on the intake (injen)...sometimes...
  8. WTB: Need a lot of parts! Wrecked my tibby....

    Parts Wanted
    hi i have a 05 tiburon gs 5 speed 4 cyl.. i wrecked my passenger side pretty good messed up the suspension a lot. I don't have insurance so im paying out of pocket. what i need... everything is for passenger side in the front! lower control arm with ball joint steering knuckle (spindle) axle...
  9. Where to get new headlights

    I've been poking around this site for a little while, replaced the whole audio system in my 05 GT using tutorials here. But now that I can get around without a headache from horrible noise I want to start putting some money in performance and looks. main thing that is bad about looks is the...
  10. 98 tib parts from a 05

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Does anyone know if you can swap an engine from a 98 Tiburon into an 05 Tiburon? They are both 2.0l and 5 speeds. Just not to sure if the bell housings and everything would fit fine together. Or whatever parts would fit onto the 05.
  11. Question about Angel Eyes

    Okay so I had an idea about switching out to Angel Eyes. It is my understanding (and correct me if I am wrong) that you need 100mm for high beam, and 90mm for low beam. I really want to build a custom unit for my fog lights to put angel eyes in them as well. I have seen people do it for their...
  12. Tiburonhhi's '05 Tidalwave Tib

    Member Profiles
    Figured it was about time I made one of these. Exterior: Tuscani Badges NIA Eyelines 15% Tint all around Interior: Gunmetal Trim $10 Steering wheel cover:3_nosthum Audio: 7" Pioneer AVH-P14000DVD Headunit 2 12" Kicker CVR's in Bassworks Dual-ported box 1000 Watt Kenwood Amp (Mono)...
  13. 2005 Tib won't start

    V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    Hey there! I have a 2005 Tiburon 2.7L V6 that won't start. The battery is only about 1 month old and the car has had regular services. For the past couple days I noticed the car would not want to start one minute and then a few hours later would start fine. I hopped in the car the other day and...
  14. got a free 05 bumper yesterday!!!

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Free 05 bumper = Best Tiburon related news ever!!! of course theres a catch: one its black, two its cracked along the top and bottom of the lower grille. but all bracketing is intact, no rips, no holes and it was friggin FREE! plus came with grilles & inserts, also in good condition! Dont know...
  15. WTB: need hood and a 05 bumper

    Parts Wanted
    Hello all. My 03 tib is almost ready for an outrageous paintjob. Just need 2 or 3 more exterior parts.. Need a v6 hood. I would prefer and pay more for a stock silver but will take any color and paint condition as long as I don't have to pound out any dents. Also need a 05/06 bumper. Need...
  16. FS: 2005 GT for sale, 6k OBO mods and kit

    Tiburons for Sale
    I'm looking to get out of the Tib game and buy a new car off the lot with a warranty. So it's time to let the Tib go. It has 126,xxx miles on it and it still runs strong. It's a salvage title after I hit a deer and the airbags deployed. Had very minor frame damage (2 hours to fix) a new dash was...
  17. Need help QUICK on Tranny issues!

    Alright, so after searching different things, tons of pages, and even more threads I don't feel confident with the results I've found so I'm a little concerned about taking action to fix the problem.. Car & details: Year: 2005 Model/trim: GT Engine: V6 Transmission: 5 SPEED! Miles: 105,xxx...
  18. 2005 4cyl tibby overheating

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 2005 tibby that overheats after driving it for about 20 minutes but at idle it is fine. What could be causing this?
  19. Drivers Side Mirror Replacement Options?

    Hey guys, Need some help finding a replacement for my 05 Black Tib Drivers side Mirror. An oil rig truck decided to kick a rock into me that left a 2 1/2 inch hole in the front housing. I've been checking all the normal sites but I'm not seeing the mirrors anymore. There used to be an option...
  20. WTB: 2005 Stock door hinges

    Parts Wanted
    I have vertical door hinges on my tibby, but in Florida, the heat, they are only good for pictures. Unfortunately, I have lost the hinges that came on the car. Please pm me if you have a set, which includes both upper and lower hinges, for each door, with your price. I am also willing to send...