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  1. FS: Ngm 70mm throttle body

    Parts for Sale
    Ngm 70mm throttle body as-is I'm selling my ngm 70mm tb as-is do to a vac leak by the butterfly seal, this can probably be fixed by geting a new seal. The tb works fine it just idle around 1300 rpms do to the leak. Selling it for $200 shipped US. SOLD
  2. WTB: 70mm plemum for ngm s/c

    Parts Wanted
    70mm plenum for ngm s/c As title says, WTB 70mm plenum for ngm sniper s/c. please sent me a pm if got one for sell. thanks
  3. WTB: NGM Upper with Internal Intercooler (not Eaton blower type), 70mm BBTB

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for the style of NGM upper air intake manifold that has the internal water-to-air intercooler with throttle body flange connection, NOT the Eaton supercharger flange connection. Can't really use the Eaton style with my Vortech, but a backup plan is to modify one to include the...
  4. WTB: 360cc injectors, 2.8 pulley, 190lph fuel pump and a few other parts

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for the parts to convert my stage 1 sniper kit to a stage 3 or 4. Pm or post here with what you have thanks. 360cc injectors 190lph fuel pump 2.8 ngm pulley triflo 70mm throttlebody
  5. WTB: 70mm BBTB

    Parts Wanted
    looking for a 70mm bbtb in relatively good condition for a reasonable price
  6. FS: 70mm Triflo with coupling kit and insert

    Parts for Sale
    70mm Triflow with coupling kit and insert Hey all, Alright, i might be going with a different direction.... here i have the 70mm triflow up for grabs for a good price. $300 shipped. yep. you will get all the good stuff. 1) 70mm triflow 2) Triflow insert to make it 65mm 3) coupling kit that...
  7. FS: New 70mm Tri-flo, and MAF

    Parts for Sale
    Plans kinda changed, and no longer will be boosting my car. Need the money so I will be getting rid of my Tri-flo, and my other spare parts. More to come later. Prices do not include shipping. Give me a offer, I may accept it. 70mm tri-flo. $350 Brand new, never been installed. MAF - $30 from...