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  1. Car Accident! Door Replacement Help!

    Two nights ago some dude ran a light and hit me. Ugh. Dude drove off but left me with a broken door, and by broken I mean destroyed. So main question, do the 06 Tiberon and the 07 Tiberon have the same door? (Driver side) frame isn’t bent thank god. Looking to replace entire door, glass and...
  2. 08' Tib SE repairs

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm new to your forum and thought to myself, why not ask those with my same car about repairs and how they have/think I should go about my repairs So let me beginnin, I was involved in a minor accident involving my front end. The repairs that need to happen is: Replacing hood...
  3. Accident

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Girl in the blue jeep patriot on the right backed up into me out of her parking spot, hit my passenger side wheel well area,:wtf: it just happened yesterday dunno what to do, should I call the insurance company? or ask for cash? any estimates on repair costs?? youtube video for your viewing...
  4. Curbs don't like Tiburons....

    Tiburon General Discussion
    So on Sept 5th I was squeezed into a curb.... unfortunatly it was the only curb in the town square that would cause any damge, should have just let the on coming car hit me since it would have been his fault for not stopping due to me having priority.. (for those who aren't from Europe, there...
  5. Insurance paid $9,000 to fix it

    New Member Introductions
    well, i recently got into an accident with a RETARD. long story...half my fault half his. im a very passionate person about my cars...sooooo...lets just say he didnt get out of his car until the police got there and he KNEW i was ok... >:) i thought for sure they were gunna total my car. i...
  6. Wrecked my tib!

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Looked over my shoulder to switch lanes and as i turned around i saw "NISSAN" WTB FRONT BUMPER + OEM HOOD + OEM GRILL
  7. Front Tire Passenger damage

    Wheel, Tire, & Suspension
    ok well im in san antonio, texas, and i got in an accident where my car (2006 SE V6) hit a curb hard. the passenger front tire is damaged. the wheel is rubbing against the wall. the tire looks flat, the tire is not in its place, its against the wall rubbing. im guessing that the damage is done...