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  1. New Audio System Advice

    Audio & Security
    hi all I have a 2007 tib . I'm working on my sound system . I need some "yeah, no ****" advice as I'm a novice . I've done my due diligence, don't get me wrong . It's been a few months I've been looking into audio, how to hook up, power I need, etc as mentioned in my battery post and need...
  2. Crackly speakers and crazy door locks

    Tiburon General Discussion
    So ever since ive had my car my passenger door lock has had a mind of its own. Locking and unlocking whenever it wants. Im thinking door lock actuator? Also my front speakers have been a little crackly. You cant hear it when you turn the radio up a little but the speakers have done it when i had...
  3. WTB: Need a factory amplifier

    Parts Wanted
    I need the factory amp if anyone is willing to sell me one or has an extra laying around. The one in my 03 Tibby is shot and I can't stand the feedback anymore from the speakers.
  4. Sub/Amp Question

    Audio & Security
    Can I power this sub... Using this amp... While still using my 2006...
  5. WTB: New or Used Amplifier

    Parts Wanted
    My Tib's amplifier blew the other day and I am not audio savy enough to go out and get a new one too easily. So basically I'm looking for a new OEM amplifier or something that would work with my stock Infinity speaker system. Thanks
  6. Subwoofer problem

    Audio & Security
    Okay so I have sony explode interior speakers hooked up to a 300w pioneer amp, and 2 alpine 10 inch subs, 2 MTX Jackhammer 400w amps, one hooked up to each sub, and they're all from one power source seperated into three with a distribution block so 1 for each amp, same for the ground, now it...
  7. new tiburon owner with a few ???

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. I just purchased an '03 Tiburon GT. My previous car died and I was a bit frantic to find a car that I could afford. I was fortunate enough to find this great little Tiburon. I have always loved small/sporty cars and I think I will be quite happy with my new purchase. I love...
  8. Rims and Subs+Amp for sale!

    Parts for Sale
    I have two set of rims, factory 16's and factory 17's for sale. I also have an Audiobahn sub setup for sale, two Special Edition 12's and a 8000T amp, 1600w peak. I'm looking to get $125 per set of rims, $200 for the subs+amp. Buyer pays shipping. PM me if you are interested. The rims do show...