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  1. FS: 03/04 headlights w/ clear corners

    Canada - East
    Hi guys, Selling a set of 03/04 headlights. My friends bought this for me as a gift as my current headlights were damaged by my tenant's kids. long story short i think they hit my headlights with their bike pedals. My friends didn't realize there was a difference between 03/04 and my 05/06...
  2. FS: Lighting and Springs (also non-car parts)

    Parts for Sale
    Hello Members, I don't really have time do work on the car anymore, nor do I have the interest. All items listed are priced with shipping except for the springs and monitor ([email protected] things are heavy). All items are for a 2003 model Tiburon and never installed. Heres the list 1...
  3. FS: Diode Dynamics SMD-Ring Angel Eyes

    Diode Dynamics
    Please see our new thread
  4. what have we been up to where have we been?

    Pauly's Auto Customs
    Ok guys and gals it has been pretty obvious that we have not been around as much in the past weeks and i wanted to explain why... We here at Pauly's have been working on continuance of our pursuit for a retail market as well as visiting different manufacturing facilities to view production...
  5. Diode Dynamics to offer SMD-Ring Angel Eyes

    Diode Dynamics
    Hello, Just letting everyone know, in about 5 weeks, we will offer the SMD-ring angel eyes: They will be sold as a kit alongside our CCFL rings (not a replacement) and will be available in red, white, and blue, for 03-08 Tiburon. The base OEM-style kit, including 4 rings and wiring, will...