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  1. Audio & Security
    Hi! I'm like 94% sure this was discussed previously, but I couldn't find any threads, I even resorted to googling the forums. I will add some tags, maybe my thread will be indexed better and help the next poor soul. So, radio turning off during starter usage. That's obvious and needed, we need...
  2. Audio & Security
    Good afternoon everyone! On my 2007 Tib, the LP fuse keeps coming loose. If I hold down the fuse to some degree, it will stay on. The fuse itself is fine, I have replaced it a couple of times. Just wondering if anyone else had has this happen, and if anyone knows a common fix before replacing...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey all! My first official post! I am looking to revert most of my Tib back to stock. Does anyone have an OEM subwoofer they'd like to sell? I know I can just buy an aftermarket one, but I prefer to keep everything OEM if possible. Someone have one laying around they'd like to sell?
  4. Audio & Security
    Hi everyone! I have a 07 Tiburon GT and I recently blew out the stock Infinity Sub. I have done some minor patches with super glue to try and fix the holes, but it's gotten to a point where I would rather just replace it completely. Looking around the other threads, I realize I'm a super novice...
  5. Tiburon General Discussion
    Audio from passenger speaker door not going through although it makes static noises. All other speakers work and I’ve replaced the fuse and adjusted the wires from my stereo. When adjusting the wires it constantly makes static noise but when I leave it alone it’s dead quiet. It used to work on...
  6. Audio & Security
    This is the subwoofer in question: Also planning on bundling it with a 1100 Amp and 8 guage wire. Is that good? I do not have the infinity audio in my car. It's factory stock. Just want to know if...
  7. Audio & Security
    im looking to buy a radio for my 07 tiburon SE (it has the gauges so i need a smaller radio so it can fit, what do you guys recommend?
  8. Audio & Security
    Hi, i have never been on a thread website before so sorry if im nooby. but im looking into buying the Sony headunit XAV-AX100 i know i need the wiring adaptor, but is it necessary to buy a housing bracket? thank you in advance :x
  9. Audio & Security
    Got my tints in after the audio install for obvious reasons ... never had tints before this is quite ... new . cost me a bit and waiting for it to cure until I make my final opinion of it but so far ntb .. AND no install from someone comes without its own headaches, that's another story not...
  10. Audio & Security
    hi all Finally finished, long time coming (2 1/2 months) ! Much thanks to the community, plethora of YouTube vids, and my gall to pull apart my car and figure s*it out (well the interior at least) LOL! This is only Part 1 (big 3 upgrade, speakers to amp) Part 2 will be (subs to 2nd amp, 200+AMP...
  11. Audio & Security
    hi all I made a short video during my work break today how I ran my 0 gauge . I originally was going to run it under but then found a diy on here which I linked in the description in the vid . I then used a piece of 0 gauge inside my car to estimate and see if it was feasible to run (which it...
  12. Audio & Security
    hi all I have a 2007 tib . I'm working on my sound system . I need some "yeah, no ****" advice as I'm a novice . I've done my due diligence, don't get me wrong . It's been a few months I've been looking into audio, how to hook up, power I need, etc as mentioned in my battery post and need...
  13. Parts Wanted
    It seems my amp has finally succumbed to the classic sunroof leak. Does anyone have a working one they'd part with? I need the version that came with the premium Infinity system with the sub in 03-04 GT tibs.
  14. Audio & Security
    03 tib that blew out the stock sub (no surprise). i just bought a powered rockford fosgate sub and need help trying to piggyback the signal from the stock amp going to the original sub to the new sub. thanks in advance if anyone can help out.
  15. Audio & Security
    I am in the market for a new head unit for my 07 Tiburon SE Limited and I would like to hear which head units you guys use and why you like them or what you suggest? I have a budget of $400 but I see that Sonic Electronics has some incredible prices on their "Pre-Black Friday Sale" so if you...
  16. Audio & Security
    So I'm new to the whole audio setup thing. The stock 8" subwoofer isn't really doing it for me. So my question is, how would I go about setting up 2 12" subwoofers? Can I just replace the cars stock amp with an 1,100watt amp or do I have to run a wire from the battery through the firewall and...
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hey! I am new to NT and wanted to post a picture of my ride. Please tell me what you think! :grin2:
  18. Audio & Security
    So i just recently purchased an 04 tib with infinity audio. I was hoping to change everything (i'm on a budget), but have never done a serious wire setup. For the front i was looking at Polk audio db651s 2way. 55rms 4ohm ($99) Or Kicker 40CS654 2way. 100rms 4ohm ($69) In the back i want the...
  19. Audio & Security
    I just got a 2005 Tiburon, I previously had a BMW and I was able to hook up my amp and my subs without any problem since everything is already in the trunk. How do I go about installing them in a Tiburon. If anyone could help it would be appreciated. Videos pictures whatever THANKS
1-19 of 51 Results