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  1. what radio should i get?

    Audio & Security
    im looking to buy a radio for my 07 tiburon SE (it has the gauges so i need a smaller radio so it can fit, what do you guys recommend?
  2. New headunit

    Audio & Security
    Hi, i have never been on a thread website before so sorry if im nooby. but im looking into buying the Sony headunit XAV-AX100 i know i need the wiring adaptor, but is it necessary to buy a housing bracket? thank you in advance :x
  3. tinted 20% all around

    Audio & Security
    Got my tints in after the audio install for obvious reasons ... never had tints before this is quite ... new . cost me a bit and waiting for it to cure until I make my final opinion of it but so far ntb .. AND no install from someone comes without its own headaches, that's another story not...
  4. Finally finished my audio install ! [Part 1]

    Audio & Security
    hi all Finally finished, long time coming (2 1/2 months) ! Much thanks to the community, plethora of YouTube vids, and my gall to pull apart my car and figure s*it out (well the interior at least) LOL! This is only Part 1 (big 3 upgrade, speakers to amp) Part 2 will be (subs to 2nd amp, 200+AMP...
  5. How I RAN my 0 gauge: youtubevid

    Audio & Security
    hi all I made a short video during my work break today how I ran my 0 gauge . I originally was going to run it under but then found a diy on here which I linked in the description in the vid . I then used a piece of 0 gauge inside my car to estimate and see if it was feasible to run (which it...
  6. New Audio System Advice

    Audio & Security
    hi all I have a 2007 tib . I'm working on my sound system . I need some "yeah, no ****" advice as I'm a novice . I've done my due diligence, don't get me wrong . It's been a few months I've been looking into audio, how to hook up, power I need, etc as mentioned in my battery post and need...
  7. WTB: OEM Infinity Amp

    Parts Wanted
    It seems my amp has finally succumbed to the classic sunroof leak. Does anyone have a working one they'd part with? I need the version that came with the premium Infinity system with the sub in 03-04 GT tibs.
  8. piggybacking from the stock amp

    Audio & Security
    03 tib that blew out the stock sub (no surprise). i just bought a powered rockford fosgate sub and need help trying to piggyback the signal from the stock amp going to the original sub to the new sub. thanks in advance if anyone can help out.
  9. Help me choose which double din

    Audio & Security
    I am in the market for a new head unit for my 07 Tiburon SE Limited and I would like to hear which head units you guys use and why you like them or what you suggest? I have a budget of $400 but I see that Sonic Electronics has some incredible prices on their "Pre-Black Friday Sale" so if you...
  10. Subwoofer Install Help?

    Audio & Security
    So I'm new to the whole audio setup thing. The stock 8" subwoofer isn't really doing it for me. So my question is, how would I go about setting up 2 12" subwoofers? Can I just replace the cars stock amp with an 1,100watt amp or do I have to run a wire from the battery through the firewall and...
  11. New to the Tibby Community!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey! I am new to NT and wanted to post a picture of my ride. Please tell me what you think! :grin2:
  12. Upgrading Entire Audio System

    Audio & Security
    So i just recently purchased an 04 tib with infinity audio. I was hoping to change everything (i'm on a budget), but have never done a serious wire setup. For the front i was looking at Polk audio db651s 2way. 55rms 4ohm ($99) Or Kicker 40CS654 2way. 100rms 4ohm ($69) In the back i want the...
  13. amplifier/sub installation help !?

    Audio & Security
    I just got a 2005 Tiburon, I previously had a BMW and I was able to hook up my amp and my subs without any problem since everything is already in the trunk. How do I go about installing them in a Tiburon. If anyone could help it would be appreciated. Videos pictures whatever THANKS
  14. Interior Dash wiring

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I took the stock radio out of my 2005 gs and found extra wiring on the console. there was a green plug connected to a blank button on hte top left of the four switch areas. Anyone know what this is? Is it the wiring for fog lights, but the swithc wasnt intalled becasue hte option wasnt chosen...
  15. New Head-Unit Installed, Speedometer Doesn't Work

    Audio & Security
    Got a new head-unit for Christmas yesterday, picked up a wiring harness today and installed it. It's about the third car I've installed an aftermarket head-unit in. Drove down the road a bit and realized the speedometer wasn't moving. Hoping I'm just missing a (hopefully cheap) part and that I...
  16. Low Profile Sub Enclosures

    Audio & Security
    I either want to put 2 10" subs in a box that fits against the back of the rear seats, or 1 10" sub behind each tire well (as in where something like a JL Audio Stealthbox would sit). But I can't really find anything I like and I'm not confident enough to try building my own box.
  17. Setting up AM subs, amp, and compressor.

    Audio & Security
    Okay so I have a 2005 SE and I just got my hands on a set of Sony Explod 1200w subs w/ enclosure a Memphis PR 200.2 amp, and a Scosche 500k microFarad compressor. I heard it hooked up in his car and the quality of bass is really impressive. I have switched out speakers before but never...
  18. Help with my audio setup

    Audio & Security
    Okay, here is the issue. I'm somewhat recently a new owner of a Tiburon, never thinking I'd go KDM, but I'm glad I made the choice. Anyways, my current setup is a Pioneer DEH-xxxBT with it running to a 1000 watt Kenwood Amp and I'm running that to the stock sub with keeping it at its current ohm...
  19. 03 GT Update

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hey guys I just wanted to post an update on my new 03 Tibby. I got it December 1st and thought I should show everyone what it looks like now before I do too many things to it. So far I have put in an Alpine HD137BT head unit, I have the infinity system that it came with, but I hate the sub. I'm...
  20. iPad Mini Install

    Audio & Security
    Hey guys, I am sure at least a few of you have seen the video out there from the "Soundwaves of Tampa" store in which they have put an iPad Mini into a dash with full audio support. I thought I would share it here in my first post and see how many people would be interested in doing this. I am...