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  1. Parasitic Draw - 50A BATT Fuse - Help Needed

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hey All: I have a 2003 V6 Tib that I just recently got. It needs some mechanical work which I am doing on Sunday but I noticed it also has an electrical issue. Right now I have a draw of .2A but when I remove my aftermarket radio that was installed the draw is .19A so it seems my problem is...
  2. New security system advice / low horn beep

    Audio & Security
    hi all Title says it all; looking to see if any members installed their own security system or could recommend a good setup. Furthermore, when I go to lock my doors that chirp seems to change frequencies and its really weird. Sometimes its low and even a bit louder at times. As you all know I...
  3. big 3 upgrade complete !

    Audio & Security
    hi all Finished the Big 3 finally , All 0 AWG silver tinned copper wire ! Thanks to these two posts which helped a ton with pics and info: DIY: Post...
  4. battery terminal replacment

    Audio & Security
    hi all I'm replacing my battery terminals , In the middle of my big 3 upgrade and I came across a slight issue . I searched here to no avail: I have nvx 2x 0 gauge 2x 8 gauge input battery terminal and the...
  5. TCM Question

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hello, I've been on this forum for a couple years now and I've acquired A LOT of useful information for my tib, but I can't seem to find an answer to this question. Early this summer, I was having the infamous 2nd-3rd gear rough shift. I did some research and found the TSBs and had the TCM...
  6. Car wont start!! Please help :(

    Tiburon General Discussion
    OK... so few weeks back I was leaking Freon. well after much research and this website(thanks guys) I got my ax fixed. now yesterday I was driving and he ac was flickering off and on. meaning the ac lights would turn off and not be green. then it would start blowing warm air. then if I hit the...
  7. Lighting Support

    Audio & Security
    I have several led and hid upgrades to my Tib. I'm wondering if I would need a stronger battery to help maintain the lights long term. My HID's flicker when I first turn them on, as do My LED badges.
  8. Need Battery HELP !!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, There's a piece that goes underneath the positive battery terminal, someone was doing work on my car, lost that piece and in a effort of fixing it drilled a screw through the hole to keep the terminal in one piece. Does anyone know what the piece is called that goes underneath it? I...
  9. Tiburon won't crank after tried jump start and replaced the battery

    Hyundai Tech
    Hi guys, Last night my battery went bad, i tried to jump start the car couple times but no success. It was about midnight, so the only local place still open was wall-mart. My tiburon had a battery part # 40r-1 590CCA which wall-mart was out of it. I decided to buy a battery with 620CCA the...
  10. Battery light and E-brake light flashing off and on

    Engine Management
    Some days my battery light and e-brake light flash off and on when i start my car,but when I cruise down the road it stops flashing,and some days it doesn't flash at all? :Gasp::banghead:
  11. Battery and E-Brake light flickering dimly and defrost not working?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hey im trying to figure out what might be wrong. i searched for a similar forum but i didnt really find my problem. So on my 03 tiburon l4 I have the E-brake and Battery lights dimley flickering.This was happening for about 3 days and just yesterday my car wouldnt start. I went to Autozone to...
  12. Reaching driver's side city light on 03 Tib

    Audio & Security
    Have a 2003 2.0L Tib and a pair of LED city lights. I have already replaced the city light on the passenger side but can't figure out how everyone else is reaching the city light on the driver's side. There is barely any room for me to reach it as the battery and what appears to be some sort of...
  13. help connecting power wire to battery terminal

    Audio & Security
    i thought this was going to be an easy thing, but what i realized is with the tiburons, its not just a nut you screw off, connect the ring terminal and tighten. with the battery, its more of a shell and when i put the ring terminal through the screw, im not able to get the shell back over and...
  14. need new battery

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hey guys, my battery is dieing and I need a new one. What is the best battery to get and why? I would like to drop some wieght if I could. Price not to much of an issue within reason.
  15. Weird electricity issue? Windows randomly stop working! Embarrasing!!

    Audio & Security
    I do have a system on a fairly new battery. Nothing crazy just some mtx voice and two 10s for subs. Randomly, things have being going wrong with the car (from the catalytic converter having to be replaced with a straight pipe on my ARK exhaust, to a blown fuse (replaced, but now that fuse (the...
  16. Car doesnt start in the morning. Needs 3 turns of the key

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I have a 2003 GT and just starting yesterday my car doesnt start right away in the morning. I turn the key and the dash lights up, radio comes on. But i dont hear the clicking sounds so i know my battery isnt dead. Then i turn the key like 3 more times and it starts. It ONLY does this in the...
  17. possible ALTERNATOR problems?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    This past friday, i was driving and everything was fine with my tib. i had to drive over a pot hole that was unavoidable (had i moved out of the way, i would have hit the car next to me) with my front passenger tire and when that happened, my battery and e-brake light came on. The car still...
  18. WTB: Does anyone know...

    Parts Wanted
    Where I can find a kit for transferring my battery to my trunk? I hate it up front... Thanks!!!:3_nosthum
  19. alternator/battery issues

    Hyundai Tech
    Recently replaced the alternator, it was a re manufactured, so automatically that could be the problem, tested the alternator, it seems to work fine. Drove the car last night, all my gauges were dim, i put it in neutral, revved the engine, and they lit up,signaling the alternator was creating...
  20. Car not starting

    V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    Ok, so for the past few days my car has been having trouble starting. Basically, I put the key in and all of the electrical stuff turns on, but when I push in the clutch and turn the key to start it, nothing happens. The engine doesn't turn over. Usually, if I sit there for a few minutes and...