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  1. Anyone know what this parts called?

    Want to replace this window trim part on passenger side, on the 2008. Dunno how to describe this part, would like to buy another either here, or ebay. Also Im guessing to replace, I just pry off the old piece, and just snap in the new one? Thanks for the help!
  2. Mods for 2008 Tiburon in Black

    Looking for some cool Mods for my black 2008 Tiburon. Any ideas?
  3. Sobiech's Tiburon '04 2.0 | Europe / PL

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    Sobiech's Black Tiburon '04 2.0 | Europe / PL | 18", custom HL, pic heavy : ) Let me introduce you my "black Aston" ;) It's 2.0 litre i4 with 35k mileage right now. I own it since december 2013 but earlier it belonged to my brother who imported the Tib from California in 2007. Who knows -...
  4. FS: VALVE COVERS matte black

    Parts for Sale
    Hey, I am cleaning parts out and i still have VALVE COVERS matte black powdercoated ... if you are in city of ny, i will let go for $75...but if you want me to ship anyway in the U.S. $100 with shipping please let know on my email [email protected] .
  5. Black 04-06 headlights

    Hey guys, I've been looking for replacement headlights for my 2004 Tiburon GT. I want them to be black, but all i can find is a $400 set on Ebay. Any ideas as to where i can get a set for cheaper??
  6. Plastidip the front grill Silver 08 gt tib

    Recently painted my rims black, windows are blacked out, I still don't think there is enough black on the car to make it all flow. Had the idea to plastidip the front grill or the "smile" what do you guys think?? Also, what are your opinions on tinting the tails? Thanks Here's some pics:
  7. Strangest Part to Ever Break

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Okay, so i first want to mention how distracting this forum can be. I meant to pos this thread about an hour ago but on my way to navigating to the general forums I noticed the sticky for hyundai and girls. About 20 pages later I remember I had a question to ask haha. Okay so I need to find...
  8. 16in STOCK rims Black on Black???

    Hey Guys, I just bought a 2008 tiburon GS about 3 weeks ago, Its all black and I have blacked out the headlights and tail lights. I really want throw some black rims on it but I dont have the money right now, with that being said I am thinking about Painting the stock rims Black, now I know...
  9. WTB: 03 Tiburon passenger rood handle wanted

    Parts Wanted
    03 Tiburon passenger door handle wanted When I got my Tib a few months ago there was no passenger door handle on the outside. I was going to get one at the dealer but they are outrageous. Anyone have one or a pair that they wanna get rid of? A pair of black or white ones would be awesome...
  10. WTB: IL, Multiple parts

    Parts Wanted
    05, 06 FL front bumper Normal pullies, not underdriven SE Front and rear seats, leather inserts Leather OEM shift boot, preferably with red stitching those enigne plastics "screw and anchors" OEM antenna PLEASE be in or near Illinoize If necessary, PM me, I may trade the OEM for AM parts(I'm...
  11. FS: 08 Black Low Rise, 08 Black Door Handles, SeoulfulRacing Angel Eyes, 08 Headlights

    Parts for Sale
    Hey guys, I'm moving so I have a few parts that I need to get rid of that don't have a place in the new house :P 1. 08 OEM Black PEARL Door Handles - $30 Only on the car for a year and a half, I just detailed them so they look nice and pretty. :) *All of these items have lived in boxes...
  12. FS: 2003 Black V6 $6000

    Tiburons for Sale
    Lowering the price to $5500 I've decided I'm selling the Tiburon. Which is good for you guys, cause she is a looker. There are 100,600 miles on the body, ZERO rust. The sunroof doesn't work on account of there being a draw somewhere in the circuit, so, the fuse is removed. I'm thinking...
  13. Got offered a trade...

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I've had my car for sale for a while now and I've had some real dirtball offers like Civics, Trucks, even a friggen Cavalier! But today somebody was showing interest in trading me their stock 05 Tib GT that has 20k less miles than mine....and it's black! *Drool* But the only part I'd be able to...
  14. FS: Black interior part out

    Parts for Sale
    2003 part out: Interior: 1. OEM leather bucket seats (black) - $350 (pick up only) - SOLD 2. GK center console (no shifter trim) - $50 3. GK radio trim bezel (matte black) - $25 4. GK door cards (trim panels removed; smoked courtesy light...
  15. WTB: Wanted '03 17" stock rim painted black.

    Parts Wanted
    I saw a great DIY on sanding and painting stock rims and I like the idea. My rims are fairly beat up and would take lots of dremell/ sand. So I thought it would be easier to buy some lol. Anybody have a set laying around to sell?
  16. WTB: Passenger side exterior door handle black

    Parts Wanted
    Some dumb b**** broke the handle getting in my car today. Let me know if you've got a black passenger side handle for sale, I'm hoping to get this sorted out ASAP!
  17. My Black 2003 Tiburon! DarkestShark

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    Hey guys, I joined this site when I bought my Tiburon and have gotten lots of help from the forums, members,etc. I wanted to say thank you, and I want to see what you think of my Tiburon now! I bought it stock and I've done a couple mods to make it look better. Feedback appreciated! Let me know...
  18. Dropped on 20x8's on 225/30/20's - 0% rub

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    List of recent mods: CAI Headers ARK Exhaust/ No Cats Eibach Sportline Springs ECW 20" Wheels Falken 225/30's Custom Graphics (fenders & front visor) Iridium plugs Painted Calibers HID's (High, Low's & Fogs)
  19. So I finally two-toned my Tib

    Tell me what you guys think, (a friend of mine did it just had to pay for paint and im just gnna give him a good tip after that) (yes I know im missing a mirror, i didnt put it back on yet) no thats not me ^ update: Next im getting the car detailed (the inside is an...
  20. Back Window Trim Restore (with pics)

    Car Care
    Ok, so I know that alot of Tiburons have the problem having the black trim around the back windows getting all deteriorated. I know that one guy one here has used tape to cover it up and it looks okay. But that can get crappy after a few months or so. I wanted more of a permanent fix so I...