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  1. New to the forum! Have a question

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    Hey I am new to this forum I had previously owned an 04 tib that got totaled but after about a half year of searching for another I got my 08 Tiburon GS! Was wanting to do a swap on the front bumper as when I purchased mine it was cracked and was wondering where to find the threads for...
  2. need body parts!!!!

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    looking for a black or white rear and front bumper along with both driver side and passenger fenders, also driver side door( hit a bard wire fence and scrathes are down to the metal) used perferably, must have pictures available, cheap as well, minor scrathes are okay
  3. Concepto S1 Body Kit Questions?

    I have been looking around for a body kit I like for about a year. I have found a few I liked, but upon researching the living sh!t out of them all I found them all to be terrible quality and am not looking to drop a grand or two for cheap fiberglass. I've been looking at IS's Concepto S1 and...
  4. some body kit instalL questions

    I just got my duraflex sc-5 body kit for my 03 tib but the rear fender flares the vents on the sides are all open. so I was wondering should I bondo them close or how do I deal with this because I want to install this asap but I don't water and gunk gathering up inside of them thanks in advanced.
  5. GeneralDuke's Carbon Black Tiburon

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    I guess it's about damn time I made one of these. I've been involved with tibs since around 2004. Had an 03 silver that I modded a little. Then I got into an accident that totaled it. In 2007 I picked up the 05 that I currently have. It was my DD for a few years and then it became a little...
  6. WTB: AIT GT-spec Rear Bumper Silver

    Parts Wanted
    As it says, I would like to find a AIT GT-spec rear bumper that's silver to put on my 03 GT since it has a crack in the rear bumper. The end result I want my Tiburon to look like this.
  7. FS: 2005 GT for sale, 6k OBO mods and kit

    Tiburons for Sale
    I'm looking to get out of the Tib game and buy a new car off the lot with a warranty. So it's time to let the Tib go. It has 126,xxx miles on it and it still runs strong. It's a salvage title after I hit a deer and the airbags deployed. Had very minor frame damage (2 hours to fix) a new dash was...
  8. 04 Body kits or lip kits

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    04 Tiburon Pics Hello everybody i have been searching thru the forum and i have noticed that i wasn't able to find alot of pic of the 04 tiburon. which i have one and i want some ideas so i was wondering if you have a 04 tiburon if you could post Ur pic. much appreciated, also comment if you...
  9. <Tib Newbie> Bumper Kit - Quarter Panels - 04 GT Journey

    Hey all - Just a quick note of thanks to all the great contributors on the forum. I just picked up my first Tib last week on a whim. Came across a Craigslist ad, got a good deal on an 04 GT, and have been trolling the forum ever since. Body damage to the better part of the rear, and I'm having a...
  10. SC-5 Body kit

    So I've been doing some research and I've found this body kit by duraflex: *non-site sponsor link removed* and the same body kit by sarona: *non-site sponsor link removed* Now, I guess my basic question is, spending a grand more for the sarona kit, is it worth it? I know duraflex is...
  11. The Rebuild

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Well, after the Tib got totaled out I decided to buy it back and fix it. Link to the thread from when it got totaled: So the damage happened on 02-25-2011. Now here I am on 04-13-2011 starting this thread. Mostly it will be updates on the...
  12. A new level of ugly.. The WTF Taurus!!

    Other Cars
    With nothing else to do in my spare time I came across this little polished terd. The Ford Taurus is one of the most mediocre cars around.. I came across it looking at body kits for random cars on andysautosport's website. Sale Price: $499.50 cheap of course lmao, no one would buy it...
  13. Need help picking rear bumper :/

    After I hit a deer a few weeks ago (well it was two actually) and my Tiburon got totaled. I've bought it back from the insurance company and work will probably start on it sometime this week. Link to thread: I've already decided to go...
  14. What are your opinions?

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    Hi I just bought an 08 Tiburon GS, paid $13,600 Canadian. its got 31,000 km (19,000 Miles) I'm just waiting for the weekend to pick it up this saturday. I've been pouring over everything I can find regarding tiburons, and have been to this site over and over, I finally decided to join. so I am...
  15. stock front bumper.... NO

    Hey wats up everyone. ok on the 2003 model (SE) am i the only one who isnt fond of the front bumper? with all the little criss cross things on the lower part or whatever. i think it looks a bit like a grand am.... HELL NO lol. so give me your opinions on that and what are some good bumpers i...