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  1. Bruce the quick tib

    V6 - Forced Induction
    I know I already posted about this asking questions, but I've started actually getting the parts together to do this here thing. Soooooo this is my thread for the build. I have a few exciting things coming in the mail! My fidanza v2 clutch and aluminum flywheel have arrived and I am currently in...
  2. FS: Beta2 Forged Rods

    Parts for Sale
    I'm selling a set of H-beam 4340 forged rods for 2.0L Beta2. These are an exact match to OEM rod lenght (not as Pauter's that are slightly shorter). These are brand new and still in their package as shown in the picture. I'll let these go for $450 free shipping within US continental states.
  3. Turbo Boost Calculator 2.0/2.7

    I4 - Forced Induction
    Hi guys, I just want to share an easy turbo calculator. You enter desired horsepower, engine size (and some optional parameters) and it will calculate the boost in psi & bar you need to push. Enjoy ;) Tuscani Turbo Boost Calculator
  4. WTB: Front lip + FL Front Bumper

    Parts Wanted
    Let me know how much shipped to NYC (or I can meet somewhere near). Would also be cool if you linked me to a nice replacement online that isn't too expensive.
  5. Greddy RS BOV

    I4 - Forced Induction
    Guys, wondering if you can shed some light on something for me. My current BOV is a Greddy Style Bov provided by Jattus Problem with this is that (not sure if it should do this) at idle I can feel air...
  6. BOV Problem

    I4 - Forced Induction
    Hi Guys, wondering if you can help me with something. I have the BOV that comes with the jattus kit (greddy style) I had the car tuned at 16 psi of boost hitting 288 bhp. Recently found that im only hitting around 10 psi so I check for boost leaks. I found that when at idle if I rev my...
  7. Stage 3 Alpine Build Information needed

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I'm finally getting back to my tibby project after recovering (80% memory back) from a brain injury that happened over a year ago and I need some direct answers or as close as I can get from first hand experienced F/I tibby owners. I'm currently trying to buy/piece a stage 3 Alpine Super Charger...
  8. Any active members with a quaife in a 5 speed?

    Did you have to flip the pinion gear? I could also use a brief walk through on installing new bearings and shims.
  9. Recommend Boost gauges for S/c?

    I've been looking through old threads for recommended boost gauges and seem to get similar but different recommendations. I'm aware it's important to get a wideband,but here's my question,what other gauges are recommended? E.G.T. Oil pressure,fuel pressure,boost gauge? Help out please,and also...
  10. GoPro Video from a recent cruise.

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Was traveling with a pack of friends and this d***weed in a gti starts telling me to chill out with the zig zagging (when he was doing the same thing)...We were all trying to keep up with our buddies. He then attempts to race and well...Here's how that went haha. Check out this video on...
  11. so this happened today...

    I4 - Forced Induction
    Today as I was flushing the radiator I noticed something.... the rad was spitting out the water in small amounts... oh oh :Jess: ...I decided to open the throttle to check if it increased the amount of water and it did.... Yes.... After being almost a year and a half without being able to drive...
  12. Supercharger. It is worth it?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Just a question for anyone who has a supercharged tib. How is it and what kit do you have? I have I/H/E on my 03 GT now but i want it faster and building all N/A is to much money. My 03 GT has 95,000 miles would i be risking it putting a supercharger on with that many miles? How were the gains?
  13. nerv 2004 tiburon gt

    Feelers, Gauging Interest, and Trades
    Hey, i been on the tibby scene for a while now and i have been thinking of switching up to a four door. My tibby has been trough up and down from swaping motors, to boosting etc.... Right now it has 109,000 on the clock but the motor has 70,000. I still got the paper work for it This year...
  14. FS: Aem f/ic ecu

    Parts for Sale
    Hi, i am not doing anymore mods on my tib. My paypal is "[email protected]" AEM ECU $185 SHIPPED IN THE US ...but you going to need the harness please do not low ball
  15. Octane's Boost Blog

    V6 - Forced Induction
    Well, today the fun (somewhat) begins! To those of you that don't know, I will be buying JawzGT's Duffer Kit very soon here, tuning will be done with an AEM Wideband, and AEM FIC to start, with a dyno tune and/or reflash in the near future. I'm starting to do a few minor things for the install...
  16. FS: Nerv Sniper stage2 parts and aftermarket

    Parts for Sale
    Hey It break my heart to see my tibby to go but it has been fun and sades alot high power car thinking that Hyundai were slow.. this is my loss but your gain. This is are only pictures i got for now because i am still using the car, But the parts are coming off as of by jan 28th .I will...
  17. FS: New Injectors

    Parts for Sale
    Almost new 190cc stock injectors. Only has 800 miles on the whole set. These babies are good for pushing up to 4-5 lbs easy. $50 shipped
  18. Dyno Day with the Tib!

    V6 - Forced Induction
    After upping the injectors to 290s, puttin on the 2.75" pulley, and doin a quick street tune, closed and open loop, i took the tib to the dyno today. Prior to this dyno, when i was running the 3.4" pulley, I ran 203 at the wheels So you know, supporting mods include: Alcohol Injection (I...
  19. running 8-9 psi

    V6 - Forced Induction
    currently running 5-7 lbs with 290ccs bigger fuel pump and tuned with mafterburner i have je low compression pistons and the rest of the stock block stage four clutch with fidanza flywheel. will i need anything else in order to run 8-9lbs by going to the 6.5" crank? or will i run perfectly...
  20. FS: New Injectors w/ Pics

    Parts for Sale
    Sorry for posting this multiple times but i finally got some good pics for you guys. Fairly new injectors with only 800 miles on them. These are the stock injectors for the V6 - 190cc These are good for up to 5lbs of boost! In perfect condition and includes all original Hyundai packaging...