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  1. Low beam headlight and fog light won't work, but high beam works. PLEASE HELP :(

    Okay so here is my story, I will include as much detail as possible I have a 2003 tib, as everyone know the low beam and high beam bulbs are two separate bulbs. My low beam and high beam are both HID (the HID conversion kits) however, my fog light is still stock halogen bulb. Last night while...
  2. Car hit in parking lot, remove mods?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    The other day somebody hit my car in a parking lot. The damage is minimal, but the front bumper is going to need replacement. I have it booked in tomorrow to have the damage evaluated by my insurance company. The only problem is - I have clear cornered headlights (03/04), and HIDs in...
  3. THEY FINALLY WORK! "Switchback" LED Turn Signal Bulbs (video demo, SALE!!!)

    Diode Dynamics
    FS: "Switchback" LED Turn Signal Bulbs IN STOCK SAME DAY SHIPPING!!! 1157 Dual-Color 60-1210 SMD 1157 Dual-Color 60-1210 SMD is a direct replacement for any 1157-size front turn signal bulb. This is a unique, specialty item. When on as normal, with parking lights, it shines a nice, pure...
  4. Fog light bulbs

    I want to replace my stock bulbs with yellow ones, but what wattage are the stock ones? And what can I replace them with? I'm worried now about melting wiring harness or other crap like that now. I want to simply replace the bulbs as opposed to having to add extra stuff to have them work. Thanks
  5. September 2009 Promo: FREE LEDs!!! from Diode Dynamics

    Diode Dynamics
    Hello! A member here posted today that "current orders from DD seem to be shipping out quickly." To reinforce this, I'd like to run a special promo for this month, or until supply is out. This is just another promotion I am doing for NT members, in another step to regain faith and reputation...