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  1. WTB: Wheels

    Parts Wanted
    Tired of my old wheels falling apart, losing air, chrome beading, one bent from a pothole, etc. Looking for something used and cheapish, perhaps an unwanted and forgotten old set someone has laying around. I don't care about curb rash or appearance as long as the wheels aren't bent and actually...
  2. Looking at a Used '08 Tib, need help!

    Tiburon General Discussion
    On my search for a first car, I stumbled across the Hyundai Tiburon. After some research and etc, I found this site. My budget is around 6k, and I'm currently looking at an '08 Tiburon GS that has about 97k miles. I'm going to see it today, but talking to the dealership I have found out it...
  3. WTB: Passenger side door Glass Switch and Hood Pin

    Parts Wanted
    FOUND AND PURCHASED -The switch part I need can be easily removed by pulling it off from the passenger side door and unplugging it from the door. Should be the passenger switch and wires dangling at the end. (drunk friend broke the switch) NEED THIS STILL -I also need the hood pin thing that...
  4. WTB: Chrome Fuel/Gas Door

    Parts Wanted
    I have a black 08 tib that I have to replace the handles on, its actually easier and cheaper to buy the chrome handles than the black ones. Going to try to make it work by also replacing the outside ring of my fuel door with a chrome one. Anyone still selling them? I welcome other ideas for...
  5. New or used exhaust

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I am looking for a i4 tib exhaust for the bird talk(cheap cheap) I checked the parts for sale forum not much there for me. Im not looking for like under 300 or anything but that would be cool lol Looking for one around 400-600 I didn't really want to drop a grand on a ark. Any...
  6. WTB: 03-08 Exhaust Manifolds (with pre-cats) and Y-Pipe(with cat) for V6 Tibby

    Parts Wanted
    Planning on selling my tibby soon and need to take care of this CEL! Mine is the 2007 and I'm looking for the Front and Rear 3-1 Exhaust manifolds with pre-cats, and the Y-pipe with flex/cat. Best contact would be to text me (732) 718-9336 *Also would be willing to trade my DC Sports Race...
  7. BIG INPUT needed from someone with experience

    Tiburon General Discussion
    ok heres the deal. im very close to buying a 03 tib gt from a dealer. everything is 100% i did the carfax and came clean and it even says i should be getting charged more cuz the previous owners took good care of her. but when i did the test drive a few hrs ago when i let go of the wheel it...
  8. 01 Celica?

    Other Cars
    So my brother was planning on buying an 01 celica and I wanted to see what you guys though about it. We're going to look at it tomorrow and I wanted to ask what majors problems celicas can have and what we should look out for. This is the car:
  9. WTB: 03-08 OBX v6 exhaust

    Parts Wanted
    I have been wanting an OBX exhaust for a while, I live int he 48085 area code so tell me TOTAL (shipping +parts) price below if selling. Thank you
  10. WTB: AEM Intake - Headlights - Catback exhaust

    Parts Wanted
    Depending on the price, it may just be one of these or 2. Please advise prices and a photo of the items quality. If possible more than 1 angle as it is sometimes hard to tell if there are dents/bends in the products from just one angle. AEM CAI or like manufacturers. OEM or Aftermarket...
  11. WTB: Looking for Double or Single Din H/U Touchscreen

    Parts Wanted
    Looking to buy a double din touchscreen system or a single din flip out, must fit 2007/2008 Tiburon GT Limited. let me know what you got. I will trade my 07 infinty 6disc headunit plus some cash for a nice namebrand headunit.. Pioneer, Kenwood, (eXeclon) or other kenwoods, JVC, Sony, Alpine etc...
  12. Buying parts for 03 tiburon

    Parts Wanted
    I would like to but sideskirts, maybe the tuscani spoiler, RIMS, CAI or SRI, Exhaust, Body kit, and others offer me what you have! I live in IA by the way I could pay for shipping. :3_headsha it would be great if they were painted black already but I could possibly paint! :3_pimatyo
  13. need help buying used tib

    New Member Introductions
    ok so heres the deal...i have about 4500 to spend and im looking to buy an 03 tib.. one of the cars ive been looking at is a blue tib with about 120K miles, guy says he doesnt know if the timing belts been changed, but drives nice and is asking for 4900. the left exhaust is rusted, id need to...