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  1. weird clicking noise when car is idle or AC is on

    Tiburon General Discussion
    hello there ,i'm new here and i have a question my 2007 tiburon makes some sort of clicking noise while its idle or when i turn my AC on ? i can't figure out whats making the noise ,when i'm in the car the noise comes from the right side of the engine and the weird part is the noise come...
  2. More money on broken things!

    Tiburon General Discussion
    So this is the latest edition in things to stop working since I bought this car 5 months ago. I pulled up to a convenience store earlier and put my car in park. I was grabbing my wallet and right as I was about to shut the car off (I hadn't touched the key yet) I heard this really loud hiss...
  3. Ground Wire fried, clicking from engine

    Engine Management
    So yesterday after having no problems 2 days before, my 2003 tib GT starts clicking from the engine when I try to start it, like a rattling sound over and over. After charging the battery the problem persisted. Today I got around to checking it out again and discover one of the ground wires is...