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  1. 03 tiburon clutch r&r

    Tiburon General Discussion
    So I just put a clutch kit in my 03gt now it won't go into any gear and idea's will help out alot?
  2. 06 V6 2.7L GT Clutch Suggestions

    Needing to replace my clutch in this Tib. Got it 3rd hand with not much info on it. Assuming the clutch was never replaced before. Open to suggestions and see what other Tib owners are using.
  3. Difficulty Shifting Gears

    Tiburon General Discussion
    So I was on my way to work this morning and stopped at a red light. When I went to put the car in 1st gear it sort of popped half way in. Pulled it out of gear, tried again, and it didn't want to go into gear until I applied what felt like more than necessary force. Shifting into 2nd was also...
  4. Noise when clutch engaged

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I found a topic made about this already but it's around 2 years old and has no pertinent information in it. I had my clutch changed with a kit last April - just a few weeks ago I noticed a clicking/ticking noise at a rate of about 2 clicks per second when the clutch is engaged in neutral...
  5. Why is my 2003 GT gear assembly exposed?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I had my engine replaced and when doing an oil change I noticed this opening. This can't be right... it's rusty. Anyone know what this cover might be called? See image. Thanks.
  6. Clutch/Flywheel replacement (helpanoob)

    So, the clutch on my tib was replaced right before i bought it at 37k miles. And I am having to replace it again at 87k miles. To me this seems like an issue. [Q1] Is there a known problem with OEM clutches on this car? I've read a in some places that there might be. I recently learned about...
  7. transmission problems?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    i have a 2008 tibby, i bought the car in 2012. i have had to replace the clutch 4 times since, 3 by mechanics and 1 time by me. every single time it is replaced, within 3 to 4 months the transmission will start slipping(E.I. while on accelerator rpm will climb but speed doesn't change hardly but...
  8. Fidanza Flywheel with OEM Clutch?

    I've been searching around for whether or not this is a good plan. I previously had a Clutchmasters stage 2 with the Fidanza flywheel, but with that going out finally I'm looking for a more affordable option for my aging 2.7 6-speed Tib. Since it's much cheaper and easier to just replace the...
  9. FS: MD: STG IV Manifold, Mafterburner, Strut Bars, VDK, CM Clutch

    Parts for Sale
    MD: Mafterburner, Mussa Rear Strut Bar, 4-Point Harness The time has come to move onto a new project so some of the stock parts got swapped back onto the car. Unless otherwise stated, all parts were on the car for 30K miles give or take a few but spent a few years on the car while she sat in...
  10. Can't switch to 6th gear

    New Member Introductions
    My son has 2003 Tiburon GT V6 6 speed manual. He was driving and the clutch pedal was stuck to the ground. He immediately pulled over and calls me. I got it towed to the shop they replaced the Master Cylinder and the Clutch. Got the car back and it doesn't want to go into 6th gear. I found out...
  11. Clutch Pedal broken -not Engaging Master Cylinder

    **eh i'm an idiot and figured it out. sorry for the false alarm** Hi All. Former member, new name. Long story short I gave my '03 tibby away to my cousin back in '07. He drove it for awhile but for the past 7 years it has been sitting. So, I took it back. I'm trying to fix everything to get it...
  12. Hydraulics causing clutch to slip?

    Hi, I have a 2003 2.0 Tib with a 5 speed manual gearbox. (sorry this is long winded but I want to give you all the info) The clutch started slipping about a year and a half ago and the biting point was all the way at the top which I thought was the actual clutch disc. But when I pumped the...
  13. 2003 starting and clutch issue

    New Member Introductions
    Yes I know, tons of threads on this, but not on what I need to know ive searched for hours and cant find what I'm looking for.. so some info on whats going on, clutch was slipping for past couple weeks. bought a new clutch kit and single mass flywheel conversion ( valeo). while waiting on it...
  14. Clutch issue or bad shifting

    I have a 2007 Hyundai tiburon se and i just had to get the clutch replaced after about 20,000 miles on a brand new one, i am wondering if that is a result of riding clutch too much or if hyundai's clutches are just crap. if its a problem with my shifting how can i fix it?
  15. Clutch Replacement - Dual Mass or Single Mass? Which Brand(s) Work?

    Hyundai Tech
    Hey everyone, I have a 2003 Hyundai Sonata (2.4 L I4, manual transmission) that needs to have the original clutch components replaced. I purchased a complete AMS kit (boxed RhinoPac) from RockAuto to convert from the current dual mass flywheel (DMF) system to a more traditional single mass...
  16. Clutch alignment tool question

    I recently bought a ACT HY2-HDSD for my 2006 tiburon gt. It was missing the alignment tool and the release bearing. I found an ACT release bearing for my model, but I cant find a 2006 v6 tiburon alignment tool. My questions: Is a throwout / release / pilot bearing the same thing? How...
  17. Throw out bearing wont engage after clutch kit install.

    2003 hyundai tiburon 5 speed I installed this clutch I know its cheap yada yada I should have just gone with the excedy OEM kit. I also got a new flywheel because why not:grin2:. I am doing this withought removing the sub frame, I installed everything and tightened the...
  18. Gear issue with 03 tiburon 2.7 please read - newbie post

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hey guys new to Tiburons as well as this forum hopefully someone can help me out! I bought an 03 2.7, guy told me clutch had just been replaced put dealer plates on it that night drove it about 5 km home on the way home car was loosing power, so I would down shift and still nothing when I...
  19. Stage 3 Clutch Problem

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hey, Just got a stage 3 clutch masters Kevlar clutch and light weight flywheel. And the pedal is softer than the original OEM and it's been bled, plenty of fluid. Second gear doesn't engage at high RPMs but the rest will. Probably due to not being broke in, but I'm not sure. I've put 70 miles...
  20. Shift cable clip

    I was trying to replace my shift cables cause one snaped, and came across these clips which are impossible to remove. I managed to rip one clip off and the cable finally came out. I tried to to the same with the one bellow and i won't come off what so ever. Has anyone ever replaced these cables...