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  1. Tiburon General Discussion
    I have an 07 GT Limited that the Check Engine Light comes on and stays on, but when hooked up to a scan tool, shows no DTC's and the emission status is in the green. I've read on here somewhere of a similar problem and someone mentioned that their ECM might be going bad. Well I recently tried...
  2. Non-Car Related Items Need the moneys for ze' school. As you can tell I'm getting desperate, haha. 780 dollars and I will throw in a never used Blackberry Storm
  3. Engine Management
    I have an 03 supercharged tib. I have owned the car for a little while and all of a sudden red the battery and e-brake light's on the dash under the odometer are flickering on and off very quickly while i am driving. They flicker together and usually stop flicking when i come to a complete stop...
  4. Engine Management
    I have an 03 Tib that is shooting me tons of ECU tranny codes because the tranny computer in the car is for an automatic transmission and i have a 6spd. I have the right computer for the swap but i need to know the location of the tranny ecu. It looks like this.
  5. Non-Car Related Items
    Hey Guys, Considered myself a gamer a couple months ago cause I had nothing else to do with my time. Now that fraternity stuff and a real engineering job has taken over my life, I no longer have time. For sale is a HP PC with upgraded graphics cards (nVidia 9800GT) and PSU (Antec 550W)...
1-6 of 7 Results