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  1. Tiburon General Discussion
    I got pulled over today after lunch - and this time I didn't do anything. So I'm wondering if he's mad my license plate was bent or maybe my turn signal burned out again... and he asks for all the paperwork. License, insurance, registration, everything. He goes back to the squad car and runs...
  2. Tiburon General Discussion
    so last week i was at my gf's grandparents house at a get together and they (the adults) ran out of beer, as me and my gf were the only two that havent been drinking ( we're only 17) we got elected for a liquor store run, but i have a car and she doesnt. looks like im driving. her uncle is...
  3. Tiburon General Discussion
    So, I've got a '03 Tiburon, and I've been driving it for 4 months. Love driving it, I get lots of looks at it and everybody tells me how cool it is. The one problem is that the local police seem to think that I'm bad news. I've been pulled over twice. First time it was for absolutely nothing...
1-3 of 4 Results