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  1. The White Knight

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    Hey Everyone! It's me again! So for anyone who cares, I'm back in the Tib scene as of a few months ago. I'm living in Suffolk, England for the next few years and when i had a chance to snag one here i couldn't resist. I was lucky enough to find a White 2009 Hyundai Coupe SIII 5spd. I love this...
  2. Josh's Silver 1.6

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    After looking around for a first car as a 17 year old I found the Hyundai Coupe which was cheap to buy and to insure. The 1.6 was a bit disappointing but anything bigger would have meant it would be a lot more to insure. November 2015 This was the first day that I bought it. Being a full...
  3. Poirot's Coupe/Tiburon

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    Marcus' 05 Coupe/Tiburon ___________:downing-shots:___________ MARCUS'S 05 COUPE/TIBURON ______________________________ A DIFFERENT FONT? WHAT IS THIS? MOD LIST Full Exterior Vinyl Wrap - KPMF Gloss White Axe Ex14s, 18x8+42 Nankang NS20s, 215/35/R18 BC Racing BR Coilovers Spacers...
  4. Let's join the forum

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    Dear, fellow users Let me introduce myself. My name is Thijs and I live in the Netherlands. I am a happy Tiburon/Coupe driver, and this is my second Tiburon already. The first one got hit by a car, so it got totally wrecked. After that i drove a Nissan 100NX with a worn out body kit. Then I saw...
  5. My Italian Cars - By MasterPc

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    Hello, My name is Marco and i post from Italy. I'm in the Shark Racing Club and i'm a founder of Hyundai Club Italia, Italian Club of Hyundai Tiburon (the first) and the general Hyundai club in italy (the second). I've been in Korea for Hyundai to build the car and see where I met some...
  6. New to tiburons need help please!

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    So I've been researchin cars lately and asking around. I said id spend 4k on a car and my friend said spend 1k on a civic and the 3k upgrading it. But the interiors are crappy and I found the 03 gt. They look sooooo nice! On craigslist there's one for 3 grand with 150xxxx miles, good deal or no...
  7. Tiburon 97-08 Service Manuals Direct Links!~!

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    I hope this serves you well newtiburon forum!~! :coolnug:
  8. DIY: Fitting & Review of Genesis Coupe / Sedan Start Button

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    Hi all, I have mentioned this further on, but please double check all wires mentioned in case there is a difference between UK & US Tibs, if you are in the UK then please still double check just in case anything is different between my TIb & yours, I hold no responsibility for anything if you...
  9. Looking for original owner

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    Ok, I posted this on the GCoupe forum too. I am about to trade in my 12 Veloster for a '10 GenCoupe 2.0, The car I found seems too good to be true, I am hoping the last owner was part of one of these 2 forums...
  10. FS: Genesis Coupe 18" Wheels MUST SELL

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    I am selling the Genesis wheels I bought to put on my tib. I never got around to putting them on and I need the money. This is WITHOUT TIRES. Price is $350 shipped. Below are pics of the actual wheels and what they look like on a tiburon. There are minor scratches here and there like on any used...
  11. Drive Your Way - Genesis Coupe

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    Video romanticizing the Genesis Coupe street scene. See plenty of Genesis Coupes customized for street and track. Enjoy the subtle story line behind the video.