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  1. The White Knight

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    Hey Everyone! It's me again! So for anyone who cares, I'm back in the Tib scene as of a few months ago. I'm living in Suffolk, England for the next few years and when i had a chance to snag one here i couldn't resist. I was lucky enough to find a White 2009 Hyundai Coupe SIII 5spd. I love this...
  2. Turbo manifold build question

    I4 - Forced Induction
    So I have the Jattus kit. However it was sold at a discounted rate as he no longer has the manifold or downpipe. He sent all the flanges and stuff to build them though. I am trying to have a manifold and downpipe built but I feel like every place I look is rather expensive. Most places want a...
  3. '07 tib custom sub and amp

    Audio & Security
    Luckily I made a negative form for both the sub enclosure and amp rack. Perfect enclosure for a Fosgate P2D2-10. Pounds!! Amp rack has removable fiberglass cover. Amp is mounted to a rack so when you remove the molded cover you can easily get to the fun stuff. And...... can still get to tire and...
  4. FS: Sniper Stage 2 Hydra 2.7 tuned

    Parts for Sale
    Well It is that time to get ready for winter. I am selling my build I have worked the last 2 years on and now that I got it running perfectly this summer I figure it is time to sell it and start over. I really want to sell it as a full kit so right now I will not be splitting anything up. But...
  5. My New Turbo Videos! (for your enjoyment)

    V6 - Forced Induction
    So I know people love pictures and videos so here's a few videos of my custom turbo setup! Running t3/t4 turbo at about 4 psi at the moment until I can make Intercooler Piping. RFL bov! Hope you enjoy. Short little driveway takeoff Take off 3/4...
  6. Looking to change up my tibs looks

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hello everyone i came to the forum to get some general idea for what kind of look i want for my tib i have a 07 i4. I want to lower it and have been looking for some coilovers and i hear a lot of bad for racelands coils so i don't know if i want those. Anybody used these and have a opinion...
  7. Need help finding this part

    im new to this forum, finally signed up after almost a month of owning a tiburon *2003 gt*. I have been slowly buying stuff to mod it.. starting with interior pieces. Now i saw this piece im looking for on this forum i believe or another site and cant find it now. I need to find a silver tuscani...
  8. Tiburon or Tuscani?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Just wondering if you Tiburon owners that have done a full Tuscani conversion still refer to your car as a Tiburon or a Tuscani? I converted my 2007 GT Limited, but I still call it a Tiburon even though it confuses people. I just love how when people see the car they think it is some high end...
  9. LICNSE PL8 Ideas!

    Tiburon General Discussion
    When I first bought my Tib, I wanted a custom plate. So I decided on: I H8 SLO (Pic below) This does not imply that my car is fast or that I drive fast (although I did). It simply means I don't like being slow. I grew up in a small town with a bunch of old ppl and ppl who, in general, are...
  10. My Homemade Roof Spoiler Process!

    Hello everyone! So some of you may remember i started a couple of topics regarding Roof Spoilers... Some of you may like, some of you may NOT, Either way i am in love with them and if i had the choice with any hatchback, id put one on there. Me re-thinking; "Is it really worth $250 without...
  11. I need advice for piping,and I have no clue where to begin,go ahead and criticize :/

    New Member Introductions
    x JDM sport T3/T4 Hybrid turbo w/ random filter: brand new built with 3inch diameter inlet, 2inch outlet, .50 A/R compressor, .63 A/R turbine .57 trim, and oil cooling system. 50+whp gain. x H22-Series piping kit: 8 pieces total for turbo and intercooler setup. Light weight aluminum design...
  12. My First Custom Shifter Knob, Made by Myself!

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hi everyone! i just want to show you what ive been up to these past couple of hours. This is one of my first metal-based project, but was not an actual school project; i had finished all my projects and had enough time to do my own fun stuff ^_^ So i grabbed a scrap piece of steel from my...
  13. Custom Tuscani Center Caps

    Hey all, I recently got a set of Black/Red Tuscani emblems for my car, and was wanting to get the center caps for the wheels, but I would like them to match the emblems. I know that there was someone who used to do custom painting on stuff like that but from what I understand he doesn't do it...
  14. Can I Swap engines if so what?

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 2003 Tiburon GT manual and the car has about 176,000 miles on the engine and i was thinking about redoing the entire car i started on the outside and I'm trying to think of some ideas that i can do with the engine i would preferably swap an engine into it but I'm not sure what will fit...
  15. Fellow Tib Owner

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    Hey guys, finally sold my truck and just bought my first Tib so I'm new to the site. Its a 2006 GT thats bone stock so I'm really looking forward to customizing my new ride! Ill be posting pics of my progress soon. Let the project begin! :3_worship
  16. Thanks FFF for the new visual stimulation

    And yes, that is not a PA tag b/c I don't feel like putting it on til my custom IF tag comes in It sucks the rear is slightly off center but I didn't break both pegs only wanted to break 1
  17. FS: custom parts and oem

    Parts for Sale
    Hey, As you already know i am selling alot of my stuff little by little and i will be using this tread for other parts ..i have alot oem stuff such extra cam sensor or valve covers etc.. nothing from the bottem end of the block. Some stuff i am willing to trade. i AM LOOKING FOR full...
  18. 04 tib gt *Getting Custom Exhaust, Flowmaster, need help!!

    V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    hello everyone, this morning i went to a custom exhaust shop to price out putting in a system for my 04 tib gt. i have been to this shop before and this guy knows his stuff. he did an awesome job on my camaro i had a few years back. he was measuring where my mufflers go and recommended i put in...
  19. C Pillar : Shark Fibre

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Ive started to recreate a discontinued Tiburon product the C Pillar as you can see it adds a great look to Stock & Tuned Tibs I Am excited to make this product but with no Interest production will not last long so who would be interested Pending price and finished product Thanks