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  1. Interior
    I recently purchased the OPT-7 Aura footwell lighting kit and I must say its pretty nice for what you pay for. Anyway, you traditionally wire it by using an add-a-circuit fuse tap and plug it in to a fuse spot and ground it. This will enable you to turn on the kit with the remote whenever you...
  2. Interior
    Ok, so my right turn signal got stuck, and i immediately knew what was going on. Followed the guide replaced everything. Now when i open the doors, the left (passenger) side map light won't come on. It is working if i push the light button on the overhead console,but doesnt turn on...
  3. Tiburon General Discussion
    Hopefully this is a simple fix, but when I open the door to my car, the interior dome lights don't always turn on. They rarely do, and when they do, it's only for like a day. I don't have a key fob, I just use the key. Also, I'm fairly sure it doesn't matter if my exterior light switch is on or...
1-3 of 5 Results