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  1. Car Accident! Door Replacement Help!

    Two nights ago some dude ran a light and hit me. Ugh. Dude drove off but left me with a broken door, and by broken I mean destroyed. So main question, do the 06 Tiberon and the 07 Tiberon have the same door? (Driver side) frame isn’t bent thank god. Looking to replace entire door, glass and...
  2. Both Doors Will Not Lock

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hi all! 2005 Tiburon, 2.7 V6, 6 Speed. Read thru several threads regarding faulty actuators and doors locking and not being able to unlock them. But my situation is different in that the doors will not lock with the remote and will not lock with the key or with my hand trying to manually lock...
  3. Driver door won’t open from the inside.

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 2005 Hyundai Tiburon. I replaced the door actuator with a Hyundai replacement part. The cable from the interior door handle that runs back to the actuator keeps pulling out of the clip that holds it in. As a result I can only open the driver side door by rolling down the window and...
  4. Best route to run 0 gauge from hood to hatch

    Audio & Security
    I'm doing it, finally installing my sound system and I've already taken out the backseats and side panels . But when I came to the footwell it dawned on me ... I can't possibly run 0 gauge through the bottom door guard, so then here's this post . Yep, title explains my question in full . Any...
  5. 04 Tib Driver door stuck locked

    New Member Introductions
    X-post from Car Care (Just in case I put it in the wrong forum) So I've got one for you guys to chew on. My 04 Tib's driver side door is locked. It won't unlock when the car is turned off, and it wont stay unlocked when I turn the key. When I'm in it I'm stuck, and when I'm getting into it, I...
  6. WTB: door screw caps and rear seat finger covers

    Parts Wanted
    I know I probably ask for what seems like the dumbest parts. lol What Im looking for are the little black caps that go over the screws in the door. 5 on each door. 3 on the outside edge, and 2 on the inner recess on the panel. These are the caps for the door: CAP - TAPPING SCREW made by...
  7. WTB: Interior Door Handle, Spoiler, CAI, Coilovers

    Parts Wanted
    Hey there NT. I snapped my drivers side interior door handle off, and am in need of a new one. anybody have some spare parts from a part out laying around? Also, id be interested in finding a black high rise spoiler. Those are either rare or expensive, as most Tiburon goods are now, but...
  8. WTB: wanted - door/Seatbelt chime module from bcm

    Parts Wanted
    Hi guys, I'm desperately wanting to buy the small black module piece that makes the chime sound when you open the door or forget to put your belt on! My car didn't come with it as standard and I really want to try it out. I was wondering also if I'll need a relay too, I can get one of those...
  9. 2004 tiburon door

    Hey guys I have a question? Can a 2005-2008 Tiburon Door fit on a 2004 tiburon?
  10. Door lock

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, I have a 03 Tiburon GT. A few months ago the drive side lock began acting up. The door lock switch will not move on the drivers side so will not lock. The key will not lock the drivers side door either. The passenger one will work. Strangely the key Fob will unlock and lock all doors. Any...
  11. I need a tiburon encyclopedia!

    I need serious help. My tiburon's door handles are both broken both in and out! I can't get the door to open at all so if you have any suggestions please advice. I can get the window to go down if that's any help. I'm pretty sure the cables that link the lock and the latch are loose from the...
  12. door actuator causing electronic failure!D:

    New Member Introductions
    I have never owned or worked on a hyundai before, I got a 2006 tiburon V6 recently, the passenger door actuator is bad so I bought a replacement, after attemting to install my new actuator I found out that it wasn't the right part so I decided to reinstall my old actuator as to be able to close...
  13. How do i remove the trim in the door frame right at the floor

    I know this is going to sound like a stupid question but I just got my '05 SE from a friend with only 42k on it and it is in prime condition. Im installing an interior neon kit in it and i need to run some wiring below the paneling on the floor connected to the door frame. i see two plastic caps...
  14. Red Fire Chrome Door Handles

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hi, when i was trying to find information about the chrome door handles i couldn't find any red fire with chrome door handle, so now i present mine :cool: I've also installed a rear view camera on my Pioneer AVH 2400 BT, i probably will make a video of that.
  15. WTB: 03 Tiburon passenger rood handle wanted

    Parts Wanted
    03 Tiburon passenger door handle wanted When I got my Tib a few months ago there was no passenger door handle on the outside. I was going to get one at the dealer but they are outrageous. Anyone have one or a pair that they wanna get rid of? A pair of black or white ones would be awesome...
  16. Broken interior door handle

    I am having trouble tracking down a replacement part for my 03 tiburon gt. The door handle that you grab when closing the door broke off. It looks like an easy fix, but I can't find the part anywhere. Any help/links would be great
  17. Exos Clear Fuel Door

    New Member Introductions
    This isnt another, where can I find these threads. Personally I dont like them but I know many members on here are looking for them and I wasnt sure if these fit but here is a link.
  18. Strange door locking issues

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hey guys, recently my tibby has been acting strange with the locks ever since I got an extra cat welded into my exhaust a while ago. All they did was weld in the cat so they shouldnt have touched anything else and they claim they didnt either. Here is the issue: When I use the wireless FOB it...
  19. Driver Side Door Problems

    Tiburon General Discussion
    i drive an 2003 tiburon gt here is the driver side door does not open from the inside but it does from the outside. i took off the door panel to check out the problem....the cable which connects the handle to the lock actuator or door latch which ever is broken by the interior...