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  1. Battery light and E-brake light flashing off and on

    Engine Management
    Some days my battery light and e-brake light flash off and on when i start my car,but when I cruise down the road it stops flashing,and some days it doesn't flash at all? :Gasp::banghead:
  2. E-Brake question

    New Member Introductions
    yesterday i replaced my brake pads in the rear. i also replaced my rear driver side caliper because it was seized. after i bleeded the brakes and what not i noticed that my Ebrake didnt work as well as it used to. i pull the brake, it doesnt get as tight as it used to get before i changed my...
  3. E-brake sticks when cold.

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Its starting to get colder now, and its my first winter with my tib, i go to get up in the morning, start the tib, and release the ebrake, but it wont release... what could cause this?