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  1. I4 - Forced Induction
    Hello internetz. My name is Clayton. I own a Rally Red 2005 Hyundai Elantra GT. I have owned it for about two years now and have finally made the decision to go forced induction! Here she is in all of her glory: TL;DR Don't buy Ebay parts or you'll have to re-do everything like me. This...
  2. Hyundai Tech
    So I was driving my dad's elantra and when I got into the car, it was in neutral. I started the car, let out the clutch, and it neutral I tried to put the car into first gear, but the clutch would not engage. The car didnt move at all, but i got that 'burning clutch' smell as i...
  3. I4 - Forced Induction
    alrite guys i'm a newb at the boosting scene but i've been doing research for a couple months now and the cheapest good quality turbo kit i could find was So i was told by a friend who has a Elantra (forgot what year), that a turbo setup from his should be the same as my 08 i4 2.0...
1-3 of 3 Results