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  1. Tiburon General Discussion
    2003 Tiburon GT V6 86900 miles Hello, I've been reading about this issue here and it seems to be common with the Tiburon. I'm just wondering/hoping if anyone has any good ideas for what to do, as the NYS inspection expired in August. I will give a run down of where I am at: After chasing a...
  2. V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    My CEL comes on every once in a while on my 06 SE... When I check it its the small evap leak code(can't remember what number it is exactly) when it comes on I'll put High test in it for a week or so and it goes away. It's not a big issue just wondering if anyone has any Ideas.
  3. Tiburon General Discussion
    I have a 2004 Tiburon GT, and it has developed a problem where after fueling (not topping off) the car starts then shuts off numerous times before I can leave the gas station. It has now reached the point where I cannot leave the driveway with it as it will not run more than 15 seconds after...
  4. Tiburon General Discussion
    Recently the last 3 times i have gotten gas the pump stops after only a few seconds. Even when the tank is empty. I have to keep clicking the pump to fill up. Im guessing this is some sort of clogged ventilation valve or something to do with the exhaust gasses. Has this happened to anyone else...
  5. Hyundai Tech
    Check engine light code P0441 and I have to crank the hell out of the car to get it to start right after I fill the gas tank (a good 10 seconds of cranking at least) after it fires it runs fine I do not need rev it to keep it going or anything. I am assuming I have a bad evaporative emission...
  6. Tiburon General Discussion
    My 2003 GT was throwing this code. Any ideas what it means? It runs fine and doesnt bog down when i fill up. Could it just be a bad PCV?
1-6 of 6 Results