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  1. NIA Bodykit Eyelids

    Hey, I was just wondering if there was anyway to get NIA Headlight Eyelids. I know they discontinued it on their website but I really want them, I think they would look really nice on my 07 Tiburon I just can't find anywhere that sells them.
  2. FS: 2008 Silver GT Accessory Part Out

    Parts for Sale
    Parting out some really nice NEW and like-new accessories from my Tib. All pictures are attached below. Please direct message or text me at 201-241-4499. I will respond as quickly as possible. Pricing is OBO and does not include shipping. Pick-up in New Jersey is available if within reason...
  3. Tiburon Mods?

    New Member Introductions
    I'm at a stand-still in terms of what to mod next on my car. I already have wheels, paint/decals, ect. The exterior is pretty much the way I want it, maybe alittle more of an aggressive look would be nice. But I've seen that body kits on cars is not really necessary, especially with the...
  4. MrJcubed's 07 Vivid Blue Tib

    Member Profiles
    **UPDATE** **Need Help** I bought some wheel spacers to help with the look of my car. I installed the spacers but the stock wheel studs stick out too long. Please give me some advice on what to do. The wheels I have now are universal 5x100 and 5x114.3 so there is no space on the back of the...
  5. my fl2 with clear corners and dual angel eyes

    fl2 w/ dual AEs & eyelids ok im feelin lazy so im gonna make this kinda short. basically, i have a fl2. see here: i wanted angel eyes, and i wanted bright ones. i decided to get the v4's from shark racing. blue outer ring, white inner ring. im notposting a diy, so heres the result: also...
  6. f/l headlight question

    I should be getting my hands on a pair of these sometime soon, which is HUGE in my bag of tricks, not only is it an improvement just because they are f/l's but because my current stock (04) headlights look like udder ish due to the nasty fog and have held off on doing the work to restore them in...
  7. FEEDBACK: Babemona

    Buyer - Seller Feedback
    :3_winkthu Amazing her comunication is awesome her shipping time is unbelievable, and i can not say enough about the packaging. There was so much foam in there it took me for ever to get to my hindges. I purchases the ARK VDK from her i can not wait to put it on. Should be this weekend. I just...