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  1. Tiburon General Discussion
    I Want To Know What Really Is The Fastest Delta V6 Hyundai Tiburon Gt, From What I Know And Seen This Is The Fastest Hyundai Tiburon Gt V6 With 550Whp 425ft lbs of torque on 93 octane fuel and @24psi of boost
  2. I4 - Forced Induction
    I'm saving up parts to turbo my tubby but i would like to know what kind of times you guys are doing and with what hp. post pics of engine bay if possible!
  3. Tiburon General Discussion
    I have a 2003 tiburon gt. I need some help with what I should do to make it faster and just all around mods. Any suggestion? Thanks.
  4. Tiburon General Discussion After experimenting for a while, I finally finished regrinding my cams to race specs and installing them. Please let me know what you think!:3_lurk:
  5. Tiburon General Discussion
    First Tibby, in dash and in tunnel revving. (Obviously drive by is sped up) But, is that even possible for it to rev that fast? I'd think all the golf coast oil spill lubrication, lightweight pulleys, flywheels, and high lift cams couldn't do it. Fake or ney?
1-5 of 6 Results