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  1. Tiburon General Discussion
    I have an 05 Hyundai Tiburon GT 5 speed. I’ve had the car for around 3 months and put on around 5k miles adding up to 152k. I’ve been driving clutch since I got my license and have experience. Since my first drive I felt like it was all thrown out the window. My first thoughts were the clutch...
  2. Buyer - Seller Feedback
    I have just received my NGM Stage 4 upper/lower manifolds from the mail, purchased from Rolando. This was my first ever private sale completed via PayPal internationally and may I say, Rolando was a delight to deal with. I expressed my concern with the process and even made a mistake with the...
  3. Buyer - Seller Feedback
    (Please, if this is a repost, merge it to the old thread, I've searched and haven't found anything, thanks) I have bought a Tiburon "T" emblem from TheGreatWhite. He was really quick to answer all the PMs and was really easy to talk with. The emblem was as described; really good condition. It...
  4. Buyer - Seller Feedback
    First, thanks to eviljazz for refering me to this man. I was searching for a set of GT wheels and got in touch with this guy. He answer to my PMs quite fast, got a shipping quote fast too. At the beginning I was a little bit effraid to "give" that much money to someone that might just keep the...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys i would just like to get some input on what you all think about my work on my the tib First things first what i have done to it -AEM cai -Boombop(ebay) headers -Borla catback exhaust -Lowered "Tein springs" -Painted the stock 17" rims -Seibon carbon fiber hood -sound system(not...
  6. Buyer - Seller Feedback
    Ordered a torque damper from him about a week ago, and he had it shipped out next day. Got the package about 2 days after shipping, everything was nice and neat...and he even addressed me as JAAWS :3_winkthu + rep for you sir.
  7. Buyer - Seller Feedback
    Leave some feedbacks for us, please!
1-7 of 8 Results